How to download Hay Day game on Android phones and iPhone

Hay Day

A few months ago, Supercell’s cult game Hay Day was officially removed from the App Store of iOS and Google Play Store in Vietnam. However, you can still download this game in a very simple way with the VPN and App Store roaming tool that will guide shortly.

Hay Day

Download Hay Day for Android using the VPN application

Changing VPN is inherently considered the simplest way to access a blocked website or server, and Hay Day is no exception. First of all, we need to download any free VPN application. You can choose one of the following widely used applications:

Here, we will use Turbo VPN for example, other applications also have a similar approach.

Download Turbo VPN for Android

After downloading and installing, open the Turbo VPN app and click I Agree to agree to the terms of use.

Turbo VPN

The main screen of the application appears, do not rush to press the connection, but select the globe button on the top corner of the screen to select the Country that we will fake IP.

Turbo VPN

Here, we can choose any server that the publisher allows for game downloads. The example here is the United States (San Francisco).

Turbo VPNWait a moment for the application to proceed to connect to the server. After successful connection, the screen will display as shown below and start to calculate the connection time.

Turbo VPN

The last step is quite simple, you just need to set up a new Google account or use a Google account never logged into CH Play to be able to download the game.

Download Hay Day for iOS by roaming Country

  • Step 1: On your iOS device, go to Settings> iTunes & Appstore
  • Step 2: Click on your account and choose See Apple ID
  • Step 3: Select Country / Region
  • Step 4: Select Change Country or Region
  • Step 5: Select any country you want to change. And choose Agree.
  • Step 6: Enter some information required by the system such as street name, postal code … You can search for any specific address in that country on Google and fill in the complete information. The example here is the United States of America (San Francisco):
    • Street: 388 Market Street
    • City: San Francisco
    • State: California
    • Zip: CA 94111
  • Step 7: After you have entered it correctly, click Next to finish. So now you can go back to the Apple Store to download the game comfortably.

NOTE: Apple has tightly managed the account Store VN. So when moving to other countries that want to return to the VN Store, it is mandatory to have a Visa / Paypal account … You pay attention before deciding to move.

Wish you all success!

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