Instructions for playing the game Crowd City on the computer

Crowd City is an interesting mobile game on mobile. Here it is How to play the game Crowd City for beginners.

Play the game Crowd City on the computer
Play the game Crowd City on the computer

Mobile games have been and are a potential market for game developers and developers. It now accounts for more than 50% of the game market worldwide. Why so? Because the trend of users switching to mobile devices is increasing. In addition, mobile devices can help them work and play anytime, anywhere. One of the prominent mobile games is Crowd City – a product of the famous Voodoo firm.

How to play Crowd City

Crowd City supports both Android and iOS. When playing the game, you need to build a large group of members as possible by finding and recruiting more people from around the city in 2 minutes time. The gameplay sounds simple but has an irresistible charm. Crowd City is created with 3D graphics so you will see houses, trees and other objects quite realistic. However, people in the game are designed collectively, only with color differences.

Right after its launch, Crowd City attracted a large number of players and became extremely “hot” in the community. You can easily download Crowd City for free on Android or iOS to enjoy. But if you want to play Crowd City on PC, follow the instructions below.

Download Crowd City for iOS Download Crowd City for Android

How to play Crowd City on the computer

Export the phone screen to the computer using ApowerMirror
Export the phone screen to the computer using ApowerMirror

ApowerMirror is one of the best apps for wireless connection between PC and mobile. This application allows users to export the iPhone, Android screen to larger screens such as PC or Mac. It is also capable of streaming videos, photos, music and other apps from your phone.

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Moreover, ApowerMirror also allows gamers to play mobile games on PC, control the game directly with the mouse and keyboard. Thanks to the integration of many advanced functions, ApowerMirror will help you play mobile games on PC extremely smoothly and without any trouble. Here’s how to play Crowd City on PC using this great tool.

Step 1: Download ApowerMirror and install on both PC and phone. Then open the app.

Download ApowerMirror for PC Download ApowerMirror for Android

Download ApowerMirror for iOS

Step 2: Connect 2 devices using a USB cable.

Step 3: Turn on mode USB debugging on mobile and choose Allow this from computer. Once the app has been installed successfully, open it and tap “START NOW“.

Step 4: Finally, open Crowd City on your phone and start playing PC games.

How to play the game Crowd City

Gather up numbers to create the biggest crowd
Collect your troops to create the biggest crowd in Crowd City

Go to crowded areas

Wander the streets, between buildings, and into crowded public areas if you have trouble finding people to fit into your crowd.

Recruit members from the crowd of other players

Getting and turning other mob members into your own is the fastest way to increase your number.

The players have a small population

If you meet an opponent with less population than you, put it all in a corner and turn them into your own before the crowd tries to escape by running around.

Step into the main task in the game

If you have gathered 100 or more members, start hunting for others. Going and capturing other squads, making them your own is your main goal in Crowd City.

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After each match, gamers will receive a certain bonus point, depending on the results you achieve in the game. Once you have scored enough, your name will appear on the leaderboard.

Tip to win the game Crowd City

Tip to win the game Crowd City
Tip to win the game Crowd City

To get ranked in Crowd City is not as difficult as you think, just be alert and play focused. Besides, gamers also need to have a clear, wise strategy in recruiting members to win and increase rankings. Here are some useful tips and tactics you need to know to get high rankings in Crowd City.

  • In the beginning, play cautiously because you are alone.
  • In the early stages of the game, try to recruit as many people as possible.
  • Stay away from stronger players while you consolidate your army.
  • Start hunting smaller crowds when there are 25-35 people.
  • Eliminate other players by chasing them and turning them into your own.
  • Hunt and destroy enemies even if they do not have a lot of numbers to reduce your opponents in the future.
  • Run into many small nooks and nooks while being chased to let your crowd automatically separate.
  • Once you have gathered a large number of people then start chasing bigger opponents,
  • Capture and convert all members of another group by cornering them so there is no possibility of escape.
  • Usually, instead of killing all of your opponent’s members, destroy them little by little. Let them have time to recruit more people and attack again.

It’s great to be playing mobile games on a bigger screen. With ApowerMirror, you can now instantly enjoy Crowd City on PC in a super smooth, eye-catching large image.

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If you want more tactics and tips to win in Crowd City, check out the article: Tips and tactics for playing the best Crowd City

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