How to play the new Airship map of Among Us on the Nintendo Switch

Development team Among Us – InnerSloth teased a new map in mid-November. It was later revealed in more detail during the Game Awards event of the year.

Among Us's Toppat spaceship

Now we know the upcoming airship map will be added to the game Among Us in early 2021. But those who are enjoying the version Among Us on the recently released Nintendo Switch already have pre-access to this map. Down here How to play the Toppat aircraft map in Among Us on the Nintendo Switch.

Instructions to play the aircraft map Toppat in Among Us on the Nintendo Switch

  • First, you need to buy the game Among Us on the Nintendo Switch. This guide doesn’t work on Among Us for PC or mobile.
  • Start creating a local game (Local) from the main menu.
  • After entering the lobby, go to the area where the laptop is located and interact with it. Scroll to the button Gameyou will see Airship in the list of available levels. Select this map.
  • Now you need to leave the lobby and return to the main menu. Choose Online to create an online game. Do not change any settings in the game Local you just set up. Please keep everything.
  • With the lobby just set up, you only need to have enough 4 players to start a game Among Us.

Just follow the instructions above and you can experience Toppat Airship aircraft map before it was released.

Video tutorial to play the map Of Among Us Toppat

Understanding the map you are playing will give you a lot of advantages. So, if you already have Among Us on the Nintendo Switch, don’t be afraid to experience the Toppat spaceship right away. If you want to know more information about it, you can refer to Everything you need to know about the new Toppat Airship map in Among Us on

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