How to download Coc Coc videos, how to download videos on CocCoc?

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How to download videos on Coc Coc is really simple, just go to the video sharing website by downloading Coc Coc, then the browser will automatically catch the video download link for you, just click the download button and succeed. Detailed instructions will be in the content below, follow along with

With only Coc Coc browser, you don’t need to install any additional download tools, but you can still download Facebook videos or videos from Web sites to your computer easily. To know how to download Videos on Coc Coc browser, please follow the steps below.

Download Coc Coc videos, download videos on CocCoc

Download Coc Coc videos, download videos on CocCoc

Instructions to download Videos on Coc Coc

1. How to download Coc Coc video on computer

Step 1: You visit the Website that you often watch and then choose a favorite movie. When you go to websites to watch movies, you have to open the movie to play download Coc Coc Just got the link of that movie. The waiting time is very short, only about 5-10 seconds, the loading toolbar will appear right on the video display screen..

Check out the video on Coc Coc

In addition, you can also choose the image quality of the Video you want to download in the box Quality: High, Medium, Low.

Download video on Coc Coc

If you want to download Videos on Youtube, the way to do it is similar. Refer Tips to download Videos on all Web sites

Downloaded videos are usually in the format *.mp4, *.flv, *.avi, ... To read these formats you should use download VLC or download KMP

2. How to download Coc Coc videos on your phone

Similar to the operation of downloading Coc Coc videos on the computer, users can also use the Coc Coc app version on the phone to download videos. Detail How to download videos from the web to watch movies with Coc Coc on Android and iPhone phones will be shared by Taimienphi in the article here.
Coc Coc is now available on Android operating system, you can experience it use Coc Coc on Android to access the internet, read newspapers, listen to music faster than previous browsers.

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