How to download and play the latest Mobile Pursuit game

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Chasing Mobile is another version for the mobile operating system of the ultimate FPS game of Pursuit that we know on Windows. According to the latest information, today (March 17, 2017) the “followers” of this game can officially download the Mobile Pursuit installation on their phones. This is good news and will definitely satisfy the passion of a large number of gamers across the country.

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However, this is only “half” good news, because according to the information that the VTC publisher has given, players can only download the installation version, but it is not until March 21, 2017. This mobile version of Pursuit is just opening and welcoming players to join.

Pursuit Game on mobile

If you have to answer about the novelties in Mobile Pursuit or why is also a shooter, similar Assault, Counter Strike… but Mobile Pursuit and Pursuit still retain a large number of players and keep increasing, maybe the answer is not really in this article.

Playing the game, each person will have different feelings, from which there are different assessments and emotions. Particularly for the writer, Chasing Chasing brings a new experience not only in gameplay (can be revived after death to continue playing), game modes (many different modes, rooms, play styles but also in weapon systems or diverse maps (Cargo Ship, Desert Storm, Pyramid … the familiar maps in the computer Pursuit game).

Search game Pursuit MobileInstall the game Pursuit Mobile

As for Chasing Mobile, thanks to the success of Pursuit game on Windows operating system, this next version is easily welcomed by users. But not stopping there, Chasing for mobile is also improved and upgraded in terms of visual and sound as well as the number of participants.

Specifically, instead of the 6 vs 6 game mode like the Chase version on the computer, Mobile Chasing has increased the number to 8 vs 8, to better connect the gaming community, creating a broader and more inclusive playing field. In addition, the graphic image is also carefully invested by the manufacturer, using the latest and most modern imaging technology to create extremely realistic and sharp 4K resolution images. .

The first interface of Pursuit Mobile

Also according to the teaser introduced that the game released on March 10, the weapon system in Chasing Mobile is also very rich, diverse and extremely “quality”, not inferior to “elder”. Pursue my previous one.

If you also love shooting games and are fans of Pursuit, you can download and install Mobile Pursuit for your mobile right now.

Wish you have fun relaxing moments!

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