League of Legends: Guide to countering Gwen – the champion who is “faulty” with the most damage in top lane

Gwen in League of Legends is a champion who possesses such overwhelming power that it is called a “dame bug”. The following article will guide you on some ways to overcome the power of this scissors girl to help gamers go on the road more easily.

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League of Legends: Guide to countering Gwen – the champion who is “faulty” with the most damage in top lane

First of all, to counter Gwen, we need to understand her strength. With his mobility skill set with E, true damage with Q, protecting himself with W, healing with passive, and slowing with R, Gwen became a “monster” in the top lane, not at all. as gentle as she looks. In a clip shared by gamers, from level 1, Gwen has the ability to solo with Darius (a very strong top laner) to accumulate a full stack of passive, burning while only attacking and increasing E to just surf.

Understanding Gwen’s damage mechanics and gameplay will help you counter her more easily.

Countering Gwen with champions

From Gwen’s skill set, we can see that she is not afraid of resistance fighters who are usually hot picks of the top lane like Shen, Renekton, Maokai, Cho’gath… because of her ability to deal true damage as well as recovery. blood from his inner self. Gwen is also not afraid of top laners like Vayne, Kayle, Teemo… because the W move makes her immune to damage from sources outside the blue mist circle, plus the E skill glides up and closes to the enemy. . So what champions should we use against Gwen?

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Fiora is an extremely good candidate when facing Gwen. The reason is simply because Fiora is very mobile which makes it harder for Gwen to use Q. The ability to close and deal extremely painful weak damage combined with blocking damage from W will make it very difficult for Gwen to exchange moves with Fiora.


Jax is a very strong champion against top lane champions thanks to his 100% attack resistance that makes Gwen unable to stack to deal damage with Q. Jax’s reach and stun also makes him easy easily overwhelm Gwen in duels.


Tryndamere possesses a large amount of damage with a passive that increases crit, combined with the ability to heal from Q is also a gladiator capable of dealing great damage, avoiding Gwen’s healing. At level 6, Tryndamere will unhesitatingly charge at Gwen with her Death Denial


Although not used much in the top lane, Yasuo is really a very strong gladiator champion when facing Gwen. With continuous use of dash will help Yasuo dodge Gwen’s Q in a simple way. At the same time, Yasuo can also deal damage and knock up to limit Gwen’s ability to poke.


Most of the ranged champions when confronting Gwen are very annoyed because her W is immune to damage outside the circle. But Vladimir is a champion who can go solo with Gwen very well, thanks to Vladimir’s extremely good skill set. Continuously poke with Q and E, if in danger, dive with W, both dealing damage and making Gwen unable to attack Vladimir.

Countering Gwen with equipment

In addition to countering Gwen with the above generals, gamers can also use some equipment to reduce Gwen’s strength when confronting her:

  • Death Reminder, Morello Demon Book, Armor of Thorns: Decreased Gwen’s healing
  • Shoe of Mercury, Psychic Armor, Mace of Thorns Malmortius: Increases health and magic resistance
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Above are some effective ways to counter Gwen in League of Legends. Although Gwen is very strong, but no champion is without weaknesses, so you don’t have to worry too much when laning with her!

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