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For users of Facebook and mobile devices, it is no stranger to the name Candy Crush Saga. King’s magic candies have created a fever with hundreds of millions of downloads on the App Store, Google Play and social networks Facebook.

Candy Crush Saga Designed with cute sweet candy images, simple but fun gameplay. The number of rich levels of gameplay, the system of 5 missions, arranged alternately will always create a new one for gamers. In spite of Candy Crush There is a simple gameplay but always contains surprises and difficult challenges that make “clearing” the game not as easy as everyone thinks. In this article, will introduce to you some useful tips to conquer difficult levels as well as the whole game Candy Crush Saga.

Instructions to conquer some special levels in Candy Crush Saga:

1. Levels containing Jelly jelly:

In the level type containing Jelly, you connect the top rows of the squares to clear all the Jelly. The special striped candies are a great choice for you in this level. Focus on destroying all areas of jelly, create special candies to clear many Jelly at once.

Candy Crush Saga

2. Ingredient Drop Level displays (containing chestnuts and Cherry):

Ingredient drop levels (Ingredient Drop Levels) require you to calculate how to bring two types of chestnut and cherry to the bottom of the screen. The trick to overcome this task is to create striped candies Striped Candy has a longitudinal direction of destruction. When used Striped Candy Destroy the whole chain of candies, if the ingredient is in that row of candies, it will also fall to the bottom of the screen.

Besides, the ingredients can only fall to the places with the blue arrow below (as shown in the picture). Therefore, you must avoid moving ingredients into jammed corners.

Candy Crush Saga

3. Time Levels

The time monitor (Time Level) require players to quickly reach scores in just a few dozen seconds. However, the screen will occasionally appear more candies containing symbols +5. Note breaking the candies there +5 that gives 5 seconds of play time. To make a candy +5 appears you must destroy the sequence 4 candies of the same type or match special candies.

Candy Crush Saga

Some other tips in the game Candy Crush Saga:

1. Reasonable use of supporting rewards:

Candy Crush Saga will give you a number of power items per level, but this amount is only available once and is extremely small. If you want to use more, you must buy with real money in the game store. The game will use them by default once they are made available to you, so make sure you turn them off before proceeding to the next level. You should save those support items for more difficult levels.

Candy Crush Saga

2. Save for Jelly Fish

Fish shaped candy (Jelly Fish) can be pre-supplied, or purchased from an item store. Benefits of Jelly Fish when it is destroyed, any other 3 candies on the screen will disappear.

Jelly Fish works for difficult screens that require you to break jelly in narrow places. Because the fish will randomly select three jelly tiles on the screen, the less the number of jellies left, the higher the odds of hitting the jelly in the difficult squares.

Also, you can mix Jelly Fish with Striped Candy to form a two-color fish, which is used to turn any three candies on the screen into three balls Striped Candy. Similarly, you combine Jelly Fish with Wrapped CandyTo form three shelled fish candies, which are used to turn any three candies into Wrapped Candy.

Candy Crush Saga

3. Use of Gifts +3 Moves

Candy Crush Saga is a game that supports social interaction so you can send and receive gifts like online play or + 3 moves (3 more moves). When you get pretty much a gift is +3 Moves Then use on all levels to achieve the highest final score. But note that you can only choose +3 Moves before the start of the round.

4. Stock up on playing networks sent by friends

During the game, you will receive many requests from friends. Please note that the Request contains the “heart” envelope, which is the network they send you. If you still have enough 5 networks, do not rush to receive it immediately, but turn off the Request window. Save the networks in the mailbox, until you have played all 5 lives but have not passed the store, you will be able to open and receive mail gradually.

5. Exit the game when you feel that you cannot pass the screen

Every 30 minutes, Candy Crush Saga players will recover one life, but the game only allows you to save 5 lives, maximum. Therefore, keeping the network is an important factor determining the ability to clear the game. Getting through the difficult levels in Candy Crush Saga depends a lot on luck.

So, when starting the game, you can preview the candy layout on the screen. If you find it too difficult, do not rush to play but can exit the game by clicking on the yellow arrow icon in the bottom left corner of the screen and then selecting the red door icon at the bottom.

After exiting, one life is not deducted. At this point, you can re-enter that level to play with a new game position.

Candy Crush Saga

6. Link many friends

This is the interesting point of most social networking games today. To pass the level in Candy Crush Saga, you must have a lot of friends to play together to apply for Tickets or support “network” as well as gifts +3 moves.

7. Get more lives by timing

Losing all 5 lives in the game, you will have to wait 20 more minutes to have another life to continue playing. You can follow these steps to “cheat” the network without having to wait:

  • When you run out of network, exit the game and open the date and time settings on your phone
  • Turn off automatic time update option. Then change the current date to the next day, for example if today is March 3, then edit it to March 4
  • Close the time setting and open the game. You will find yourself with 5 new lives, but don’t rush. Please turn off the game again.
  • Re-open date and time settings and turn on automatic time update. Your phone will update with the correct date and time.
  • Once done, turn on the game and play as usual without any warning

Above is a summary of useful tips that you should know when playing the game Candy Crush Saga. In addition, you can also refer to ways to overcome the most difficult levels in Candy Crush in the articles below. Have fun playing the game and conquer this famous candy puzzle game!

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