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Recently End Game Interactive has launched a new game called, a game designed in the style of the most popular werewolf form of hide-and-seek. The following article Taimienphi will guide you to download and play game fastest.

If you mention Werewolf game then surely many people will immediately think of Among Us, the famous game launched in 2018 around the world. In essence, the way to play Betrayal io game is no different Among Us but the graphics are more elaborate in the direction of colorful chibi, I’m sure you will like it right away install and play game never mind.

how to play betrayal game io

Download game Mobile

Instructions to download and install Betrayal io game on Android, iPhone

Step 1: Select the appropriate operating system from the download link below:
– Download link Betrayal io for Android
– Download link Betrayal io for iPhone

Step 2: Click select [Link File 1] => press Setting (install) the game.

how to play betrayal io Android game

Step 3: Open the game Betrayal io after successful installation, click OK to update the game to the latest version.

how to play betrayal io iPhone game

Step 4: Click the icon Avatar upper corner character to login account.

download game betrayal io mobile

– Select Login => login with account Google, App Store, Facebook or account End game. Taimienphi recommends logging in with Google or App Store to increase security, avoid losing your account.

betrayal game io

Step 5: Once logged in, click Play Start playing Betrayal io game.

How to install and play the game betrayal io

Step 6: Selection room participation form Play Betrayal io at the next table.
– Create Game: Create a new playroom with others.
– Play Online: Enter a game room created by someone else
– Have a Code: Enter the Lobby Code (room code) sent by others to enter.

play betrayal io game on mobile phones

Unlike Among Us, each game of Betrayal io must enough for 12 people and among them 1 to 3 members are Betrayers (Impersonator, murderer) with the purpose of sabotaging the system to destroy all others without being detected.

how to play betrayal io ma soi game

As the photo below, you can see that the Betrayal io gaming interface is smoother and more intuitive, ensuring that users can operate it without any difficulty during the Betrayal io game.

betrayal io

According to Taimienphi personally, Betrayal io is a new strategy game that has been improved a lot in terms of graphics, features and mission system. Worth you to try if you are a follower of the strategy game series with the theme of Wolf.

download game betrayal io Android iOS
Similar to Among Us, you can play Betrayal io right on your computer instead of your phone, using Android emulators like BlueStacks, LDPlayer, Memu, Nox …. controlled by keyboard and mouse, Playing on the big screen guarantees a lot more coffee.

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