How to download and install Laplace M VN – Wind land on PC

Hướng dẫn cài đặt Laplace M VN

Laplace M – Wind Kingdom is a very hot MMORPG on Mobile with 3D graphics, attractive gameplay and cute pets..

VTC has also launched Laplace M Vietnam version on November 19 for all 3 platforms iOS, Android, and PC. Today, will guide you to download and install Laplace M on your PC simply by emulator or by the installer directly on Windows.

Installation instructions Laplace M VN

Instructions for installing and logging in Laplace M on the computer

Download and play Laplace M on PC with LDPlayer

Download LDPlayer

After successfully downloading and installing LDPlayer, open LDPlayer and wait for the software to start.

Loading Screen

In the LDplayer window, you find the game Laplace M. Note, the software will give you two installation options: Normal installation and Local installation.

Installation instructions Laplace M VN

  • Local installation As a quick installation form, LDPlayer will automatically download games from the system without going through the Google Play Store, which means you do not need to log in to your Google account to download the game. For local installation, click the 3 vertical button next to the Install button and select Local installation. The emulator will proceed to download the game and install it for you. This may take a few minutes or longer depending on the Internet speed. Local installation also prevents you from the error “Device not compatible” when downloading the game via CH Play.

Installation instructions Laplace M VN

  • Normal installation You will use Play Store to download the game normally, and require a Google account. You click Install, and log into CH Play to download the game.

Installation instructions Laplace M VN

After the successful installation notification, the game icon will appear, you double-click the icon to enter the game.

Installation instructions Laplace M VN

After the game has finished loading, the login screen will appear. Laplace M allows logging in with different accounts such as Facebook, Google, VTC account, Line account …

Installation instructions Laplace M VN

After successful login, please choose for yourself one of the 5 Classes available in the game.

Installation instructions Laplace M VN

Next, you can name and customize the appearance of your character, such as hair color, eye color, gender, … and start exploring. Kingdom of the wind.

(There are some of you wondering about this delete character created At the moment, the game does not support character deletion, so you should pay close attention and do not create too many characters in one account.)

Installation instructions Laplace M VN

Note: For some emulators like GameLoop, you can still download and play Laplace M, but it will not be the Vietnamese version released by VTC and does not support Vietnamese language. You should pay attention to avoid wasting time and effort.

Download and install the Laplace M PC itself

Download the Laplace installer for PC

First you unzip the downloaded file, go to the folder just unzip and run the file Laplacem_setup1.0.0 to install.


The dialog box appears, remember to choose the Vietnamese language.

Cai dat Laplace M PC tiengviet 1 - Emergenceingame

Agreement table of the game, you click to select I accept the agreement and press Next.

Cai dat Laplace M PC chapnhanthoathuan 1 - Emergenceingame

In the installation location of the game, you can leave the default as shown, or click Browser to select another location in the machine. After selecting, click Next.

Cai dat Laplace M PC vitricaidat 1 - Emergenceingame

The next window is to choose to install additional supporting software, you do not need to pay attention to it, click Next.

Cai dat Laplace M PC phanmemlienquan 1 - Emergenceingame

Start directory and exit Desktop, you leave the default.

Start directory

Exit Desktop

In the next window, check the options you have selected and click Setting.

Ready to install

Wait a moment for the installation to complete.

Installation process

After the installation is completed, the completion window will appear. You tick the box Start Laplace M and press Finish.


So the installation is done. The game will also automatically run right after installation, so you don’t need to open the game.

Cai dat Laplace M PC loadding 1 - Emergenceingame

Compared to playing on PC using LDPlayer emulator, the standard installer for PC has a much higher compatibility, making your game play smoother as well as reducing the consumption of machine’s resources. However, this PC version has a huge downside: you’ll have to scan the QR code every time you log in, causing some trouble for some of you. Specifically, logging in with QR code will be guided below.

Instructions to scan the QR code to login Laplace M on PC

When you open the game up, the screen will appear to scan the QR code:

QR code

Please use your phone or tablet with Laplace installed and select the button Scan the QR code:

Scan the QR code

Now put the camera of your phone or tablet into the code scan section on the PC screen, if the scan is successful, the system will automatically log into your game account.

Note: Every time you log in on your PC in this way you have to scan the code again once, so you still have to keep the game on your phone or tablet to be able to sign in again later.

Thus, instructed you to play by PC to download and experience the official version of Laplace M in Vietnam through very simple steps. If you want to experience this game on Mobile, you can download it in two versions:

Laplace M for IOS Laplace M for Android

Have a good time with the wonderful fairy world of Laplace M!

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