Everything you need to know about Game Settings in Roblox

The following article will give you details about Studio-level settings for every Roblox game, including accessibility, promotion, game monetization options, player avatars, and more.

To access game settings, click the button Game Settings from the tab Home of the Roblox Studio.

Install the game in Roblox Studio

Game Settings Basics in Roblox

Tab Basic Info contains general settings options, game icons, screenshots / videos, supported devices …

Setting Function
Name The title of the game the player sees
description Game description
Game Icon Allows you to upload game icons
Screenshots & Videos Allows you to upload photos / videos
Genre Game genre
Playable Devices Set the type of device that can play the game

Right to play games

Tab Permissions Allows you to control players as well as delegate authority to team members or associates.

Setting Function
Playability Set up players to access / play games on Roblox
Game Owner

Set the game access levels as desired.

  • For games owned by an individual, game owners have full access, so this option cannot be changed.
  • For a team-developed game, you can set a separate access level (No Access, Play, Edit) for each team member role.

Allows you to add Roblox users as Team Create collaborators with the same level of access for them. This section is only available on privately owned games.

  • Play – Collaborators can only try out the game.
  • Edit – Collaborator can play and edit games.


Tab Avatar provides a number of avatar settings for players, including the ability to limit the rate of avatars according to your requirements.

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Setting Function
Presets Set the options below the window to different presets that you can later customize individually.
Avatar Type Transform into R6, R15 or let the player decide
Animation Use the default avatar animation or allow the player to use custom animations.
Collision Use fixed or dynamic size collision boxes
Scale Set the proportions of the edges in the player’s avatar. Drag the slider to the last position (both left & right) to have avatars change each setting the player chooses, or narrow the scope to apply a certain size to all avatars.
Body Parts Allows you to apply specific body parts to all players by content ID or leave their own avatar sections intact.
Clothing Use uniform outfits for all players by content ID or allow them to use their own avatar outfits.


Tab Security Includes settings related to security, sales, and port forwarding.

Setting Function
Allow HTTP Requests Allows game servers to send requests to remote servers over HttpService.
Enable Studio Access to API Services For Roblox Studio to access API services, useful in testing the implementation of services like Data Stores.
Allow Third Party Sales If enabled, players can purchase items provided by third parties.
Allow Third Party Teleports If enabled, the player can be transferred to another game.


Tab World Includes general game settings such as attraction, jumping, movement speed …

Setting Function
Presets Move the lower options in the window to other presets that you can adjust later.
Gravity Establishing the overall appeal of the game.
Jump Set high jump rate or unit jump power. Note how this adjustment varies according to the maximum jumping distance relative to walking speed.
Walk Set character’s walking speed in units. Adjust this value according to the maximum jumping distance and the height or strength of the jump.
Slope Determine the maximum angle the character can climb. If the angle of a slope is greater than this value, the character will slide down the slope.
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Tab Options Includes game settings that are often used in special situations.

Setting Function
Enable Collaborative Editing Activate the cooperative script in the Team Create session.
Enable Collaborative Editing Close all servers currently running the game.

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