How to fix common errors when playing Spellbreak

Cách sửa lỗi game Spellbreak

Spellbreak brought a novel magic element to the fast-paced survival gameplay in PUBG‘s classic battle royale genre. Of course, like every other newly released game, Spellbreak is not immune to bugs. The article will synthesize and provide you with these How to fix common errors when playing Spellbreak game.

How to fix Spellbreak game error

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How to fix common errors when playing Spellbreak

Error screen black / freeze game Spellbreak

Affected platform: Mainly on Nintendo Switch

There is currently no way to fix the black screen error in the Spellbreak game, but Proletariat Inc has caught the problem. The developer is fixing the issue and promises it will be resolved in an upcoming patch. will update the solution for you as soon as there is information from the company, but you should still pay attention to the Spellbreak game update.

Fix black screen error while playing Spellbreak game

Spelling mistakes

Affected platform: PC, PS4, Xbox, Nintendo Switch

After receiving feedback from players, the development team has fixed all spelling errors from the server and will update across the system in the upcoming Spellbreak patch.

Can’t pick up

Affected platform: PC, PS4, Xbox, Nintendo Switch

This error occurs when the character interrupts their actions while casting spells in battle. It can also happen when you are stunned while doing the spell. To fix this, you can choose to cancel the spell, then you can pick up the item as you normally would.

Authentication error

Affected platform: Nintendo Switch

If you are experiencing a validation error in the Spellbreak game when trying to log into your account on the Nintendo Switch, you should check the system time on the console. This error arises mainly because the system time on the Nintendo Switch is incorrect, so it conflicts with the game server.

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How to fix system time error on Nintendo Switch:

Open Switch and select System Settings on the screen. Now scroll down the left sidebar and select System. Click Date and Time in the table on the right.

Note: If the switch area is wrong, correct it before proceeding.

Now follow the options below, depending on how you want to set the time:

  • Automatic time update from Internet: On Synchronize Clock via Internet.
  • Manually update the time:
    • Turn off Synchronize Clock via Internet.
    • Click Time Zone and choose the right location.
    • Choose Date and Time and set the desired values.
    • Press OK (A) after completion.

Aim Assist – Supports unnatural shooting for the user to control

Affected platform: PC, PS4, Xbox and Nintendo Switch

In fact, this is not an error. It is an in-game mechanism but is unfair to the user on PC, Xbox, PS4 or Nintendo Switch. Aim Assist assists with automatic targeting, allowing them to take down opponents more accurately. This is something that is difficult to do with a mouse. As a result, many players suspect this is due to the aimbot, but sadly, it is due to the Aim Assist function.

Unnatural Aim Assist has been reported by players many times but has not had an official announcement from the developer yet. Hope they will optimize this feature to create more balanced gameplay in the next updates.

Supports automatic aiming in Aim Assist

Reduced VSync, Performance and Refresh speed errors

Affected platform: PC

This bug was reported from players who were sharing the same account to cross-platform play. Spellbreak seems to reset the skill and set the video to defaults each time they switch devices. Users who have custom video settings set up also encounter this error when the game returns to its default mid-match value.

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Currently, the only way to fix this Spellbreak error is to reset desired video settings every time you open the game.

Aim Assist is not working

Affected platform: Nintendo Switch

Nintendo Switch users seem to have the most problems with Spellbreak games and the inability to use Aim Assist is the most serious. On or off, this option has no effect on gameplay. This is a huge disadvantage because the switch relies on analog controls for targeting.

The publisher promises to fix this issue in an upcoming patch.

Restart Spellbreak game continuously

Affected platform: Mainly PC and PS4

There is currently no specific way to fix this problem, but you can try changing the network connection. If the game is running fine, the problem might be your Internet provider. You can also try to update the driver, turn off OEM software to improve your network connection. The final solution is to reinstall the Spellbreak game.

Unexpected Error while joining a match

Affected platform: Mainly on Nintendo Switch

Make sure the date and time on the system is correct in your System Settings or Nintendo Switch. Most of the connection and login errors on the Switch are due to incorrect system timing. If the timer is correct, then make sure the WiFi network Ping is stable. You can also try switching to another network to see if the problem persists.

As usual, we can only hope that the game company will fix these problems soon for the Nintendo Switch and you should update your Nintendo Switch and update the latest Spellbreak as soon as possible.

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