How to create a video from photos on B612, combine photos into videos on B612

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In addition to supporting free photography and photo editing, B612 also supports users to create videos from photos to post on social networking sites. The feature of creating videos from photos on the B612 is very simple, not only that, but it also supports users to insert both effects and sound to make the video more vivid and attractive.

With many effects, beautiful photography stickers, B612 is Selfie camera app Very beautiful virtual life, downloaded and installed by many people. Especially B612 It also allows users to combine captured photos into vivid, unique videos in their own style.

How to make videos on B612

How to make a photo video on B612, how to combine photos into a video with the B612 app.

If you are using B612 but do not know this feature, the article is shared how to create video from photos on B612 below will help you find more tips to create videos, take better photos with this application.

How to create video from photos on B612

Currently, you can make photo videos on B612 with Android phones, iPhones. The detailed steps to follow are as follows:

Step 1: Open the B612 app on your phone. At the photography interface of the B612, you click “edit”. If you have not installed B612, you can easily download it from the original link from the publisher via the link below.

– Load B612 for Android
– Load B612 for iPhone

Step 2: Next, in the frame showing all editing features on B612, you drag to the right and select “Template

I made a video of you on B612

Step 3: The screen shows all the video effect templates available on the app. You click on each effect to see. After you have found your favorite video effect, press “use” to move to the next step.

How to match video bar on B612

Step 4: Select the images you want to add to the video according to the suggestions in the bottom frame of the screen. Immediately, the image you choose will be displayed in the box below, you press “after” to continue merging photos into videos on B612

Step 5: The screen displays a message loading the effect applied to the photo video. You wait until the effect loading process on B612 is completed.

How to make video on B612

Step 6: The screen shows the demo video created from the images and video effects you choose. You press the triangle in the middle of the screen to play the video. In addition, you can also touch the options in the lower frame to edit or replace the image that appears in the clip.

Step 7: After you have created a video from your favorite photo, press “save” let the application save the newly created video to your device. You can open the photo gallery on your phone to review the video or share the newly created video with friends and relatives on social networks.

I made a video of you on B612

Above, shared with you how make video from photo on B612, helps you combine photos into videos and share your interesting moments with friends and relatives on social networks.
Next, to have more skills in using the application to take and edit photos on the B612 application, readers need to refer to the tutorial article. How to use B612 on your phone, take and edit the photos we shared earlier.

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