How to lengthen legs on photos with Xingtu

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If a photo is great but your legs are not very high. Don’t worry, with Xingtu’s leg extension feature, increasing your height is just a simple matter, with just a few steps you can do it yourself without asking for anyone’s help. .

Xingtu (Chinese name is 醒图) is a Chinese photo editing app. With many outstanding features, especially with many unique effects, this is currently one of the most popular photo editing apps used by young people today. Lengthen legs with Xingtu is one of the cool features that allows you to edit and increase the height significantly on photos.

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How to adjust the length on the leg image with Xingtu

Instructions on how to stretch legs on Xingtu

1. Quick Guide
Step 1: Open the Xingtu (醒图) app.
Step 2: Select the photo you want to edit.
Step 3: On the function bar, drag to the left => select the waist icon => select the legs icon.
Step 4: Select the leg area you want to stretch => Drag the lever to adjust the level.

2. Detailed instructions on how to lengthen legs with Xingtu
Step 1: Open the Xingtu (醒图) app on your device.

Reference: How to download the Chinese Xingtu app

Step 2: In main interfacepress black plus icon afterward choose image want to edit.

Xingtu app

Step 3: In editing interfaceabove function bardrag left and select the function with waist icon. Choose next feet icon.

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Step 4: Use 2 sidebars to adjust the width of the leg area to be stretched. Afterward drag the slider to level adjustment. India tick icon after finishing.

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– After finishing, you will clearly notice the difference before and after editing.

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With outstanding features, Xingtu promises to bring you beautiful photos to show off to others. Also you can create sunshine effect on photo with Xingtudrop shadows, add icons to make the photo more vivid.

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