How to counter God squad in Auto Chess

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At the present time, Meta God is very popular, to counter the God squad in Auto Chess is not a simple thing, you need to combine many Races, Systems and have a reasonable tactical thinking play. Only have the door to eat.

God squad is one of the most annoying lineups in Auto Chess today, with players who have been defeated by God, they may have drawn some bloody experience, and you? did you know how? If you don’t know, you can check our method in counter God Dota Auto Chess lineup.

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Instructions for countering God’s squad in Auto Chess

1. Upper Book

One of the squads that can Counter God is Human + 6 Knight, 6 Knight gives you resistance to physical and magical damage. When the squad is full of Knights, the other generals on your chessboard will also receive the same buff, combining a few Humans like Kunkka has a rate of locking the opponent’s skills, adding CC helps you to strongly counter this squad.

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2. Central Book

Getting 6 Knights is not an easy thing because they are mostly high-level troops and have a relatively high amount of money. If you do not have the economic ability or the dignity is not high enough to get that lineup, then we recommend using another formation that combines Disruptor or Kunkka.

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The Human squad is also a reasonable tactical method, capable of silencing the opponent when being approached for a few seconds. For God, being blocked is something terrible, Disruptor has the ability to disable a wide area with Static Storm, giving you a 50% chance of winning.

3. Lower the Book

There is nothing more effective against God than using that same squad, of course everyone has their own play style and most of it depends on dignity, the choice will lead the player to many different directions. There are some players who often use Eco strategy to accumulate money in the early game and will spend money to keep blood at decisive stages.

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In addition to the method of playing God, ks the opponent’s squad, you can also play according to the normal lineup and clamp some Heroes like Doom, Kunkka, Disruptor, Medusa, Tide to disable a large area so that the opponent can’t make a move. . Or buy the generals called Key of the God squad like Mars, Razor, Zeus …
Above are some experiences of countering God’s squad in our Auto Chess, these tactics are mostly applied by players. The important point that you need to remember is that their attack speed, cooldown is very fast, and the magic damage is also very strong, so please calculate properly when Build a Dota Auto Chess squad in each stage of the game.

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