How to use Garena Total new version 2021

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How to use Garena Total (kick ping aoe software) new version? This is an issue that many people are interested in, especially those who are new to this application, to use Garena Total effectively, you need to learn features such as Auto Tunnel, Quick Chat, warCraft Hotkey.

Everything you need to play games on Garena is on this Garena Total application such as automatic room entry, player optimization, keyboard shortcuts… Follow the tutorial article How to use Garena Total? Click below to learn more about Garena Total.

How to use garena total

How to use Garena Total on a computer

If you do not know how to download and install the latest version of Garena Total, please refer to the tutorial article install Garena Total here.

How to use Garena Total new version 2021


In Garena Total, you will see some features such as Auto Join, Auto Tunnel, Warcraft Hotkey, Quick Chat, Autorun

1. Auto Tunnel: This feature automatically and continuously tries to enter the game rooms, thereby making it easier and more convenient to enter the game room

– Enter a room: Double click on that room.
– Enter multiple rooms: Point the mouse over the first room and press F7, then point to the second room and press F7.
– Stop entering the room: Press Esc.

How to use garena total on computer

2. Auto Tunnel: Helps you find optimal connections to other players in the room quickly and automatically. After tunneling, you can see everyone’s host and everyone can see your host.

Tunnel the entire room: Click F6
Tunnel in your host: Multiply keystrokes Shift + F6

  use garena total

3. Warcraft Hotkey: The feature that allows you to set keyboard shortcuts makes it easier to play War Craft. Turn on / off using Ctrl + F5

How to use garena total

4. Quick chat: Quickly send messages to other players with keyboard shortcuts

How to use garena total

5: Auto Run: Set up programs to run with Garena Total

how to use garena total

Function Button Bar

You can see function buttons like Run Garena, Hide Down, Options, Info

Run Garena: Help start Garena Plus tool
Hide down: Hide Garena Total in the system tray
Option: Set options for Garena Total such as running Garena Total on startup, updating beta version, automatically running Garena
Information: Information about the Garena Total . app

How to use garena total
Hopefully with the article on how to use Garena Total above, it will be easier for you to use the useful tool Garena Total to play Empire or League of Legends games on the Internet. Garena. Good luck.

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