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When playing Minecraft game, you unleash your creativity, explore the vast world in your own way. Because the world of Minecraft is large, you also have to learn and learn a lot of things to be able to survive and build your own world.

With hundreds of crafting recipes, thousands of materials to remember. At the same time, must learn to ride a pig, ride a horse, learn to tame animals, as well as learn to mine to get resources, diamonds, and gems as materials for crafting. Lots of things to learn and today, will show you how to make a protective fence for your house.

Guardians in Minecraft

So invite you to refer to the article below to understand the effects of fences, as well as how to make fences in Minecraft!

The effect of fences in the game Minecraft

  • Protect animals, keep them from getting lost.
  • Protection of houses, works that have been built.
  • Divide a breeding area for different animals.
  • Prevent others from jumping to farm or preventing monsters from climbing.

With the above effects, you have seen the need for fencing in Minecraft game, right? So now let’s get the materials needed to get started on the fence!

Materials for fencing in the game Minecraft

1. Crafting Table:

First, to make a fence you need to have a crafting table, the material for making a crafting table is 4 wooden boards. BCrafting is essential for survival in the game because you won’t be able to create tools without it.

Crafting table in Minecraft

Video instructions for making table:

2. Wooden Stick (Stick):

The main material for making wooden sticks is plank wood. The way to earn plank wood is also quite simple, you use your ax to cut the tree to cut the wood that falls out of the tree, and then collect these wood as raw materials to make wooden sticks. To create wooden sticks, it is necessary to place the wood on the crafting table to form 4 planks, then put these 4 planks into the crafting box to form the wooden rod.

Wooden sticks in Minecraft

Video instructions for making wooden sticks:

How to make a fence in the game Minecraft

Now you can use the 6 wooden sticks that you made above to assemble into 2 fences. In addition, you can also use solid wood and hell bricks to create a fence with the following formula:

  • 6 hell coal blocks make 6 fences.
  • 4 wooden blocks + 2 wooden sticks with 3 fences.
  • 2 wooden sticks + 4 hell brick blocks are 3 fences.

Fence crafting in Minecraft

With the height of the fence, you are completely assured that the pets cannot jump over, you can also place heavy objects on the fence to make them more secure.

Video instructions for making a fence in Minecraft

So you already know how to create fences to build and protect your buildings. Fences in the game Minecraft not only help protect and divide boundaries but also are aesthetically pleasing, helping to decorate your Minecraft world more beautiful.

Wish you have fun playing the game!

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