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FIFA Online 3 is one of the most successful football simulation games in the sports game industry. Like real-life matches, FIFA Online 3 (FO3) sometimes occurs dramatic Penalty free kicks. If you master the techniques of penalty kicks and masterful execution, you can win in the most dramatic moments of a match.

Penalty is an important skill, decisive to win or lose in many matches. However, not every gamer can perform successful Penalty kicks. The following article will give some instructions for players to refer to how to kick Penalty in FIFA Online 3.

Penalty, Penalty also known as Penalty is a type of free kick where the position of the free kick is 11 meters from the goal and the goalkeeper of the team is penalized. This type of free kick is sometimes used in a match as a way to determine a win or loss, when both teams tie in both main time and extra time they have to enter the Penalty series.

Before you can shoot Penalty, you need to determine the direction of the shot. There will be 5 directions to bring the ball into 5 goal areas in FiFa Online 3:

FIFA Online 3

Rooney player is preparing to perform a penalty kick in the game FO3

Area 1: Top left
Area 2: Left below
Area 3: In the middle of the goal
Area 4: Right above
Area 5: Right below

Here are 3 basic ways to take penalty kicks in FIFA Online 3

Shoot with mu right face:

The simplest way to do this is to adjust the arrow buttons towards one of the 5 areas as shown Press the D key (X on gamepad).

  • Close distance shot is 1/3 force. Towards the goal, while pressing the shot button hold the arrow up
  • Long distance shot: 1/2 force. Towards the goal, while pressing the shot button hold the arrow up

This is a simple and convenient penalty kick in FiFa Online 3, but for a low success rate, the ball in the net no longer depends on your ability to guess the direction of the goalkeeper. So there will be another way for the players to hit the free kick with higher difficulty to beat the opponent’s goalkeeper.

Video instructions on how to kick Penalty with the D key:

How to shoot Penalty by placing heart (Inside Freekick):

To do this you have to use the Z (LT on the gamepad) button: First adjust the arrow to the direction you want to kick, then nPress the key combination Z + D (LT + X).

  • ZD shot: Shoot with the inner cheek, bend the rainbow ball, send the ball straight into the dead corner of the goal
  • Only for some beasts with a typical free kick standing parallel to the goal such as Xavi, Ribery, Reus, Henry, Ronaldinho …
  • Appropriate location falls on approx 20 – 14m in front of goal
  • The shot force is about 1/4, 1/3 power plant
  • The position from the goalkeeper to the ball should be perpendicular (90 degrees) from the position from the ball to the performing player
  • Hold Z + D + arrow up + navigation key (right or left)

This way of kicking will create curves and swirls, beautiful and dangerous flying trajectories, so even if the goalkeeper can guess the direction of your shot, the ability to score is still great! This is also a way to shoot Penalty that many gamers of FiFa Online 3 use.

Video instructions shot Inside Freekick detail:

Shot in skillful Panenka style:

This is how to hit the ball gently like famous player Panenka – who helped the Czech team – Slovakia win the Euro 1976 championship. Some players who have performed famous Panenka such as Messi, Ramos , Pirlo … The advantage of this way is to conceal the intention of the ball and the ball is very gentle.

Want to make a shot Paneka gorgeous, use keystrokes Q + D (The button on the gamepad is LB + X).

  • Player selection: Depending on the shooting position which side will need the respective player
  • Keep key Q + D + navigation key (left or right)
  • Estimated distance between the ball and the outermost player 0.5 – 1 cm
  • Keep key Q during the shoot
  • Press D and navigation buttons simultaneously
  • Ideal shot force from 1/2 – 3/4 of the force, depending on the position of the shot

Players of all levels can perform the above 3 Penalty kicks. Particularly with some star players like Cristiano Ronaldo, there is also a more dangerous way. First, adjust the direction and press the shot as usual, when the player starts to move, press the D button to shoot again. The player’s movements will make the opponent’s goalkeeper lose his way.

Tip penalty kick thanks to grasp psychological factor

  • Don’t rush: You make the opponent’s goalkeeper think many directions by delaying that shot for a period of time. They will be distracted by having to judge your many shots. Wait a few seconds, take the decisive shot
  • Going against the usual rules: The first penalty kicks you should not shoot in the center because it is possible that the goalkeeper of your team is not ready to stop, will remain in that position, thus losing the advantage. Don’t be afraid to take consecutive kicks in one position, as we would normally think of each kick as a different direction.

Above are some suggestions on how to take a penalty kick in a soccer game FIFA Online 3. I wish you all success and make beautiful shots like real players!

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