How to check items in Pokemon Go

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Pokeball in particular and other items in Pokemon GO in general are indispensable aids in the process of playing Pokemon GO in Vietnam. However, most beginners often do not know, unaware that the number of items is limited, if not used properly, will be a waste and in vain.

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Pokeball is not the most valuable item, but it is one of the most used and most frequently used (catching a Pokemon takes up to several). So sometimes you should check your Pokémon Go play Items, to see the amount remaining and consider when to use it.

See the amount of items available in Pokémon GO

Step 1: Also from the main interface of the game, you choose to enter Pokeball / Items icons.

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Out of Pokeball items, Pokemon cannot be captured

Step 2: You will see a list of usable items appear, along with their number (Potion x10, Pokebal x9 …). If we use items, they will be immediately deducted.

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For example:

Use Incense items to catch Pokemon, If we are lucky enough to throw a shot (not including missed throws, Pokemon exiting the Pokeball), we can see the numbers decrease.

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When there is no Pokeball, the process of playing Pokemon Go can be said to be completely ceased … And at this point, the only way is to recharge, to the Pokestop receives gifts or recharge to be able to purchase more.

Once again, you should learn how to throw the Pokeball accurately, using the items properly to avoid running out of items.

Wish you have fun and entertaining moments!

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