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Arena of Valor is one of the most popular and popular mobile games today. With new gameplay, beautiful visuals, smooth movements and compatibility with many old devices, this tactical role-playing game captures a lot of the hearts of players.

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As we know, in the normal gaming interface of Arena of Valor, the interface is often partially filled by map displays, shopping, match information, in-game statistics … Game play becomes more difficult. Even the shopping icon located on the left hand causes quite a lot of inconveniences, even buying the wrong equipment in many cases.

Change the position of equipment purchase icon in League of Legends Mobile

However, in the settings of this game there is also a feature that helps us to overcome this limitation for better game play.

Step 1: We can do this on the emulator or on our own device, the results are the same if we share the same account.

Main interface

Choose Begin to enter the game.


Step 2: Touch settings icon serrated shape.

Settings icon

Step 3: In the new view, select the item Set up the interface and change items marked as “default“in Item Quick Purchase Display. Options in this category include:

  • Show itemized quick purchase: Change the purchase location of in-game items (from Left to Right).
  • Zoom in on the small map location: Small map in the top left corner, the top of the screen changes to the right with larger dimensions.
  • Hide / Show item description: Explain the use of equipment.
  • Target parameters: The opponent’s stats when attacked.

Set up the interface

Some pictures for reference:

The photo below shows that the shopping cart (trolley) icon has been changed to the right.


Information about the opponent being attacked (blood, attack, defense …).

Hide object information

Describe and explain the features and effects of the suggested equipment.

Equipment description

And in short, after making the appropriate changes, the ultimate goal is to move the buying position to the right for more convenience.


With these settings, you can play better games and feel a lot more convenient.

Wish you have fun and entertaining moments!

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