Teamfight Tactics – TFT season 5: Instructions to play the Warrior – Dragon squad

In Truth Arena season 5Warrior is a clan that has the ability to attack and defend comprehensively. The following article will guide you how to play a combination of Warriors – Dragons to optimize damage for the Warrior clan.

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Teamfight Tactics – TFT season 5: Instructions to play the Warrior – Dragon squad

Introducing the squad

Team strength

  • Warrior: Creates a shield at the beginning of the match and increases physical damage every second the battle passes.
  • Long Dou: After killing 1 enemy with over 1400 health, the entire squad will be buffed up until the end of the match.

Unlike other popular squads, Warrior – Do Long is a family with a fairly comprehensive, if not very strong defense. The strength of this squad can last from the beginning of the game to the end of the game without being reduced like some other squads. By creating a shield at the beginning of the match, the Warrior will have enough strength to unleash the skill. At the same time with the matches against highly resistant enemies, Warriors are also easily countered with the ability to increase damage every second of the game. Combined with the Dragon clan to increase a huge amount of damage, in the middle and late game, this squad will still be extremely strong.


  • All-rounder
  • Easy to win streak, very strong in early game and mid game
  • The generals in the lineup are relatively diverse, easy to roll


  • Late game damage is quite weak, need to add more equipment
  • Need to go back to Viego at the end of the game
  • Easy to get banned because many people play this lineup
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How to arrange the squad

The generals in the squad include:

  • Upline: Lee Sin, Pantheon, Mordekaiser, Trundle, Jax
  • Following route: Kennen, Diana, Viego

Because they are armored warriors, the arrangement is also simple, you just leave them all on the top, except for 2 assassin generals in the team.

How to equip equipment

We will mainly equip the 2 main generals, Pantheon and Jax, 1 main tank and 1 main damage.


  • Flame Armor: Burns and reduces enemy’s healing
  • Iron Solari Necklace: Increases shield for allies đồng
  • Cross Necklace: Heals nearby allies xung


  • Blood Sword: Restores health on attack
  • Dark Mercury Cloak: Prevents the entire match
  • Dark Rage: Spreads to 2 enemies

In addition, you also need some equipment such as Ice Heart, Hand of Justice … to attach to Viego too.

Wishing you victory with the Warrior – Do Long squad!

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