How to install and play Arena of Valor game on your phone

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The MOBA game Arena of Valor is storming the mobile market with extremely powerful generals. We will be joining the Arena of Nations with 9 other players divided into 2 sides to fight together. Currently you can download for iPhone and Android phones right from the app store completely free of charge. Game Arena of Valor will play on applications that support game play Garena. You will quickly create yourself an account or login through your account Facebook to start participating in the exciting battle of generals with extremely external abilities.

Download free Arena of Valor for iOS

Download free game Arena of Valor for Android

Before playing Arena of Valor game on your phone, it should be noted that the player is large in size, so for the download process to be guaranteed success, the best of you should use WiFi.

How to download and play Arena of Valor game on your phone

Step 1: You guys access App Store on your phone, enter the keyword “Arena of valor“to search for games.

App StoreSearch game

Step 2: Touch download icon and enter Apple account if required by equipment. Download successfully, game icon appears on the screen, touch it to start the game.

DownloadDownload successfully

Step 3: This time it will take a little more time (about 5 minutes) for the game to download the necessary installation packages.

Wait for the package to load

Step 4: Then you will see a screen like the interface below. Select Garena (use Garena account) or Facebook (used Facebook account) for game play.

Choose an account

Step 5: Login to your chosen account, then choose to play as usual (here the writer chooses to use the Garena account).

Log in

You can choose any option Don’t Allow or Allow to not allow or allow the game to notify you of every new event.

Turn off or agree to let the game send notifications

Step 6: Touch Begin to enter.


This is an interesting role-playing game, players will not be required to use a single character, but with each play, gamers can change with dozens of Heroes, each with an advantage, own weaknesses favoring Attack – Defense – Magic. If you have not played or are curious about this game, download it now to know why Arena of Valor is the hottest action role-playing game today.

Wish you have fun and entertaining moments!

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