How to install and play League of Legends Mobile game on your computer

Gaming Arena of valor on the computer or in other words install game League of Legends Mobile and League of Legends Mobile Android emulator is one of the ways that gamers can play this action role-playing game without a corresponding device.

There are quite a few computer emulators in common use today, however, in this article will guide you on how to download and play Arena of Valor on the three most popular emulators are NoxPlayer, Droid4X and BlueStacks.

Garena League Of Legends Mobile
League of Legends Mobile for Android
Coalition Mobile for iPhone, iPad

Install and play Arena of Valor on PC via Android emulator

Install Coalition Mobile on the NoxPlayer emulator

NoxPlayer for Mac NoxPlayer for Windows

Step 1: You start the emulator on your computer, choose from the main interface Google logo then choose next Play Store.

The main interface of NoxPlayer

Step 2: At the Play Store interface, enter the name of the game in the search bar and then select the left mouse button on the icon Garena League Of Legends Mobile.

Search for games on Nox

Step 3: Click the left mouse button on Install / Accept to agree to install Arena of Valor on the emulator.

Select Accept

Step 4: Left click Proceed to continue.

Select Proceed

Play League of Legends Mobile on your computer with NoxPlayer

After the installation is complete, you can always choose to go Open to open the game.

Open Lien Quan Mobile game on Nox

At the first interface, choose to log into the game with either your Facebook account or your Garena account.

Login to Lien Quan Mobile account

Select Next Start to enter.

Start playing Lien Quan Mobile on the emulator

In the gameplay interface, you can see gaming icons such as movement, attack, skill are defaulted by certain keys. You can use that guide to play League of Legends Mobile with the keyboard, or you can follow the instructions to set up the game keys on the NoxPlayer emulator to change to the new key at will.

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Lien Quan Mobile interface on Noxplayer

Some articles about gaming key settings on Nox that you can refer to are:

Download and install League of Legends Mobile on BlueStacks emulator

BlueStacks App Player for Windows BlueStacks App Player for MAC

Step 1: You also launch the emulator BlueStacks on your computer. Because in this tutorial, the writer installs and uses BlueStacks 4 so the interface may be different from the versions you are using.

Select the icon Google Store on the main screen of BlueStacks.

BlueStacks main interface

Step 2: Search game Garena League Of Legends Mobile in this app store to install.

Search game League of Legends Mobile on BlueStacks

Step 3: Choose Install to start installing Arena of Valor on BlueStacks.

Select Install

Step 4: Continue left-click Proceed.

Select the Proceed to install League of Legends Mobile on BlueStacks

Step 5: Wait for the game to finish downloading, select Open to open

Open the Mobile League of Legends game on the emulator

Or if you hesitate to wait, you can go back to work and left click on the game icon on the main interface when you want to play.

Install Lien Quan Mobile on BlueStacks

How to play Arena of Valor on BlueStacks

Step 1: You also choose an account to log into the game.

Log in to your Lien Quan Mobile account on your computer

Then choose server / Start to start playing.

Select Start to enter Lien Quan play on BlueStacks

You choose the operations as when League of Legends Mobile To form a team, choose a match mode and other settings.

Play LQM on emulators

Setting up the keyboard to play Arena of Valor on Bluestacks

Step 1: At the main interface, you left click on the icon of Virtual Keyboard at the end as shown below.

Select the keyboard icon

Step 2: In Game ControlsYou will see available entries with some default keystrokes. If it feels good, you can always use it, if not, left-click Edit to perform key reset.

Select Edit to edit the LQM play key

Setup is complete, select on Save to save.

Save settings

The special thing to note is that some of the characters’ skills will automatically orient, but with skills that need to rotate, change direction, you can combine that key with pressing and holding the left mouse button and then rotate. move in the direction you want.

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How to use kill in League of Legends Mobile on BlueStacks

This operation is quite difficult, so if you want to play well Arena of Valor on the emulator, players will need time to get acquainted and practice.

Play League of Legends on a simulator

How to play League of Legends Mobile on the Droid4X emulator

Droid4X for Windows Droid4X for MAC

Step 1: You start the emulator Droid4X and install the game League of Legends Mobile as in this article: Install Arena of Valor on your computer.

Step 2: After the installation is complete, you go straight to the game, you will see the interface as below. You choose the account you need to login (Facebook or Garena account).

Main interface

Step 3: Written used Garena account For guidance, the login interface should be as below.

Login account
Login to your Garena account to enter the game

Step 4: Begin enter play (may have to wait for the game to load all the installation so it will take a few minutes).

Start playing

Step 5: Choose a match mode – Normal fight.

Choose a game mode
Start playing game

Choose competition mode, with others (PvP complex), play against the machine (Human vs Machine) or Training. For example, we try to play with the machine to test the character’s movement and attacks to master before playing against other players.

Competition mode

Continue to choose the type of competition according to the number.

Choose a category
Choose the game mode you want

Step 6: The list of generals appears, you touch any character to use, then OK To confirm.

Choose the general

Each hero, each level can choose and change the Addition different.

Change Add-ins

The higher the level, the more open Addition Hey, that’s touching already Choose to use.

Select New Add-in
Change Addons for characters

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Step 7: Go to play game. Observe the bottom right corner emulator, if it is open large or full screen, there will be keyboard icon, if in minimized window, you will see arrow icon like this. Tap on it to open hidden options.

Come into play

Step 8: If you still remember how to install the virtual keyboard to Play the Legendary Campaign game on the computer As before, each guide, do the same with this game.

Pull these Icon move, shoot from the menu down to the corresponding positions on the screen. Click on the position of the “skill”, “shop” to place the buy button and use it quickly. Then click Save to save.

Keyboard settings
Set up the keyboard for Droid4X to play games

Finished setting up the keyboard, we enter play as usual.

Start playing

Of course, compared to playing on mobile, playing on the emulator will not be as convenient, but the operation is also done quite smoothly and the game plays stably.



  • Due to having to use the scroll key is the text key (A – W – D – S) so players need to turn off tools that support Vietnamese typing like Unikey and Vietkey go.
  • Left click Hand holding icon to attack normally.
  • Press the number key corresponding to the skill to execute or you can left click on it, hold and move the mouse to identify the target and then release the hand to attack.

This is one of the most convenient and best ways for you to play Android games on your computer without your device.

Video instructions how to play Arena of Valor on the computer

Wish you have fun and entertaining moments!

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