How to build Master Yi in Wild Rift League

You already know how to build, equip, and build Master Yi in Wild Rift Alliance for the most “bloody” gameplay? If not, refer to the following article of to find out more details.

Master Yi is one of the strongest Wild Rift generals, chosen by many players. Yi is equipped with a skill set capable of dealing great damage and attack speed, especially in the late game, playing well as a jungle champion.

how to do it for master yi in the alliance toc chien

Guide for Master Yi in Wild Rift League

How to build Master Yi in Wild Rift League

I. Map Master Yi Wild Rift

1. Blade of the Ruined King

Blade of the Ruined King is the first item that you can equip Yi to increase attack speed by 30% and physical damage by 30.

In addition, the passive reduces the movement speed of targets hit by Yi’s 3 basic attacks by 25% by 25%.

2. Ninja Tabi

The Ninja Tabi Shoe gives Yi 10 extra Armor and blocks 10% of damage from basic attacks dealt by the opponent.

3. Phantom Dancer

Master Yi’s position is often against the opponent’s ADCs, so you can equip Yi with defensive items like Phantom Dancer to increase attack stats.

In addition, this item also helps increase Yi’s movement speed by 45% and damage from critical hits by 25%. Passive Phantom Dancer creates a shield of 240 – 590 (depending on level) that protects when Yi’s HP is below 35%.

how to build master yi in the alliance toc chien

4. Infinity Edge (Infinity Sword)

This item deals 25% increased damage from critical hits plus 60 physical damage. Only thing, this item is a bit expensive.

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5. Bloodthirster (Blood Sword)

When moving into the late game, you can equip Yi’s Bloodthirster to increase physical lifesteal by 15% and shield protection when surrounded by enemies.

6. Guardian Angel

Finally, to make Master Yi stronger and more passionate than ever, you can equip Guardian Angel. This item gives Yi an extra 40 Armor and 45 physical damage as well as passive recovery, the ability to recover 50% HP and up to 30 Mana.

Because the cooldown of Angel Armor is quite long, 3 minutes, so you should use this item in the late game.

7. Quicksilver Enchant Shoe Upgrade

By upgrading the Quicksilver Enchant shoe to remove all adverse effects inflicted on Yi.

II. Gem board for Master Yi Wild Rift

1. Conqueror (Conquer)

When played in the Assassin – Gladiator position, Master Yi needs to deal a lot of damage to finish off the target as quickly as possible. For this reason, you can equip Conqueror as the main rune.

Passive Conqueror deals 2 – 6 damage (depending on level), stacks up to 5 times, up to 10 – 30 physical damage.

2. Triumph (Winning)

Equipping Triumph as an overwhelming gem, giving Yi an additional 10% each time he kills an enemy champion, increasing damage by 3% to targets with HP below 35%.

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3. Backbone (Armor)

To help Yi last longer at the beginning of each match, you can equip the Backbone gem, which grants 10 Armor or magic resistance (whichever is lower).

4. Mastermind (Mastermind)

To speed up the jungle and split push, use the Mastermind gem to increase damage to monsters and Turrets by 10%.

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III. Summoner spell for Master Yi Wild Rift

1. Summoner Spell Smite (Smite)

If playing Master Yi in the jungle position, use the summoner spell Smite (Punishment) to finish the monster and speed up the jungling.

There are 2 types of Smite summoner spells:

– Challenging Smite: reduces damage taken.
– Chilling Smite: slows the target’s movement speed.

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2. Flash Spell (Flash)

The cooldown of the Flash summoner spell is 150 seconds, used when escaping or chasing enemies.

IV. Master Yi Wild Rift skill

– Passive – Double Slash: Master Yi’s 4th attack strikes 2 times in a row dealing 78 physical damage (150% attack damage).

– Skill 1 – Alpha Skill: Dash and deal 77 physical damage (25 + 100 physical damage) to up to 4 targets. When using the Alpha Master Move, Yi cannot be targeted. Each basic attack reduces Alpha Skill by 1s. The Alpha Strike can critically damage and deal damage to monsters.

  • Cooldown: 17 seconds.
  • Energy: 55.

– Technique 2 – Meditation: Active (up to 4s), Master Yi enters Meditation for 55% less damage taken and heals 40 (40 + 25% magic damage) per second.

  • Cooldown: 25 seconds.
  • Energy: 50.

– Move 3 – Wuju Martial Arts: Active grants 18 true damage (18 + 25% Attack Damage) for 5 seconds.

  • Cooldown: 17 seconds.
  • Energy: No consumption.

– Skill 4 – Mountain Warrior: Active immunity blocks and grants 25% Movement Speed ​​and 30% Attack Speed ​​for 7 seconds. Killing or assisting an ally to take down an enemy will increase the duration of the Mountain Warrior.

  • Passive: Reduces the cooldown of other skills by 70% on kills or assists.
  • Cooldown: 85 seconds.
  • Energy: 100 seconds.
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Master Yi Wild Rift’s basic skillset:

how to build master yi in alliance toc chien 4

Highlander (Ultimate) => Wuju Style (3) => Alpha Strike (1) => Basic Attacks => Alpha Strike (1)

V. Skill combo, how to play Master Yi Wild Rift

1. As a champion with “crazy” attack speed, you can control Yi to suit the tempo of each stage of the game. The perfect combination of attack speed and lifesteal makes you stronger, no opponent can stop you.

how to build master yi in alliance 5

2. Use 1 Alpha Strike to glide across the battlefield and not be targeted by your opponents.

3. In teamfights, you should wait for your allies to start, and wait until all enemy champions are equipped with CC, use your skills to stun the opponent.
The above article has just shown you how to build Master Yi in Wild Rift League. Wish you have fun playing the game.

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