PUBG Mobile x McLaren: Revealing all super beautiful car skins

PUBG Mobile x McLaren

PUBG Mobile has just announced that it will cooperate with the world’s leading supercar company McLaren. At the PUBG Mobile x McLaren event, you will have the opportunity to own unique car skins. Here’s everything you need to know about PUBG Mobile x McLaren.

PUBG Mobile x McLaren

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PUBG Mobile x McLaren

PUBG Mobile x McLaren has a total of 6 different car skins. These skins will turn your Dacia into a McLaren 570S with 6 outstanding colors, Zenith Black, Raspberry, Glory White, Royal Black, Pearlescent, Lunar White. In addition to these skins, you may also have the opportunity to participate in a speed race.

Car skin leaked during PUBG Mobile and McLaren cooperation event

McLaren 570S Skin (Zenith Black)

McLaren 570S Skin (Zenith Black) has a classic black color. The silvery white color of the wheel rims makes them stand out.

Skin McLaren 570S (Raspberry)

Skin McLaren 570S (Raspberry) is designed with the main pink color. That means this is a medium for women.

Skin McLaren 570S(Glory White)

Skin McLaren 570S(Glory White) is the perfect blend of white and gold, creating a fashionable, noble sports car.

McLaren 570S (Royal Black)

McLaren 570S (Royal Black) is covered in yellow but has a black front capo. This design makes the car become luxurious. Tires are also gold plated with white rims.

McLaren 570S (Royal Black)

McLaren 570S (Pearlescent) is the most brilliant car skin, a great choice for racers who love to stand out.

McLaren 570S (Lunar White)

McLaren 570S (Lunar White) is silver white. This color makes the car more elegant.

Here is the latest information about PUBG Mobile x McLaren partnership event. Please share with readers other information you know!

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