How to play bot lane champion in Wild Rift League

How to play and how to play bot lane champion in Wild Rift Alliance different from the top or mid laner. If in Wild Rift there is only one champion in the top lane, in the bottom lane or Dragon lane, it is necessary to have a good combination of the best ADC pairs, the strongest Support champion, capable of carrying the team.

ADC and Support champions have the best ability to carry the team in the bot lane (or Dragon lane). Typical ADCs like Vayne are equipped with items that can convert damage dealt into health to last longer in skirmishes. Support champions create protective shields and help ADC “makeover”, increase vision, heal and absorb damage taken (typically Braum).

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Play the most effective Bot position Wild Rift

1. How to play bot lane champion in Wild Rift League

When playing as a bot lane champion, at the beginning of the game you need to rely on the support of your allies to block the opponent’s attacks as well as create protective shields or heal. At the same time, try to farm as many enemy soldiers as possible to get gold and use it to buy equipment and items.

In addition, in matches, you should ideally choose safe playing positions, as far as possible. The reason is because ADC is always the number 1 target of the opposing team and is easiest to beat in the early game. Therefore, going with a support person (SP) also helps the ADC to be safer at the beginning of the game.

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Most importantly, make sure nearby allies can help, block your opponent’s attacks for protection and help you last longer in the match. You can refer to more bot lane duos in the strongest League of Wild Rift.

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2. To map the bottom lane Wild Rift

In general, there is no general build formula for Wild Rift bottom lane champions.

To increase the damage that bot lane champions deal to the target, the first way is to increase the attack speed (and other stats) or the other way is to increase the physical damage.

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Also, don’t forget to equip the bottom lane champion with items that have the ability to suck physical health to stay longer and Lethality to take down the opponent’s Tank general.

For ADC that relies heavily on auto attacks like Ashe needs to equip items that increase attack speed. As for marksman like Jhin, it is recommended to equip items that increase AD and critical hit rate. Finally, with generals like Ezreal, you can build many different items, depending on your purpose and playstyle.

3. The role of bot lane champion in Wild Rift Alliance

Wild Rift bot lane (ADC) has the ability to deal continuous damage to the target throughout the match. In the early game, the ADC is usually quite weak because of its low defense plus low HP and gets stronger in the late game.

When the power threshold is reached (depending on the champion that may require 1, 2, 3 or more items), bot lane champions can deal massive damage, assist teammates in teamfights, and protect better target.

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In addition, the bot lane champion in Wild Rift League also has the ability:

– Farm soldiers to receive gold, XP and buy equipment items to increase damage.
– Ability to deal continuous damage from basic attacks and skills.
– Siege the opponent’s tower.

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The above article just showed you how to play bot lane in Wild Rift League? In addition, if you want to be a top lane champion, you can also refer to how to play top lane champion in Wild Rift League here.

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