How to build general Jhin in Wild Rift League

Jhin in Wild Rift Alliance is a Gunner general, has the ability to deliver critical hits and the ability to deal huge damage. Here are the details of how to build items, runes, summoner spells, skills for this Wild Rift ADC general.

General Jhin in Wild Rift League plays well in both the ADC and Mage positions. Equipped with a skill set capable of dealing great damage plus the ultimate ability to fire 4 shots with an extremely long range, Jhin is often played in the position of the Dragon line.

how to build jinn in the alliance toc chien

Guide to the most effective Jhin map in Wild Rift League

How to build general Jhin in Wild Rift League

I. Crafting General Jhin in Wild Rift

1. Infinity Edge (infinity sword)
Since damage and critical hits are Jhin’s main strengths, Infinity Edge will be the perfect core condition for this ADC champion. This item increases the chance of a critical hit by 25% and the 60 physical damage Jhin deals to the target.

2. Boots of Swiftness
The Boots of Swiftness reduces Jhin’s enemy slows by 30%, as well as reducing the cooldown to give Jhin a chance to escape the opponent’s CC.

3. Statikk Shiv (Statikk Electric Knife)
Statikk Shiv (Statikk Electric Knife) gives Jhin a 5% movement speed boost, to chase or escape from enemies faster.

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4. Rapid Firecannon
Since Jhin’s attack speed is converted to critical damage, Rapid Firecannon is the next item you can build for this champion.

This item increases Jhin’s basic attack by 50 – 12 damage (depending on player level) when Jhin first hits, as well as a passive that increases Jhin’s movement speed by 5%.

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5. Bloodthirster (Blood Sword)
In the late game, you can equip Jhin with Bloodthirster to increase physical lifesteal by 15% with Shield.

6. Guardian Angel
To make Jhin become “invincible”, you can equip Guardian Angel. This item grants 40 Armor and 45 Physical Damage. as well as a passive that restores 50% of HP and up to 30% of Mana.

A small note is that the cooldown of Guardian Angel is quite long, 3 minutes. Therefore, you should equip this item for your character in the post-match period.

7. Shoe upgrade for Jhin Wild Rift
To upgrade Jhin Wild Rift’s boots, Quicksilver Enchant removes all adverse effects inflicted on Jhin by enemies.

II. Runes for Jhin in Wild Rift

1. Fleet Footwork
Fleet Footwork Gem (Fast Footwork) helps increase Jhin’s movement speed, health and damage ability when reaching 100 stacks.

Stacks are calculated when the player moves to attack an enemy champion or minion with a basic attack.

2. Triumph (Winning)
With overwhelming rune points, you can equip Jhin with the Triumph gem (Victory) to gain 10% more for each enemy champion kill, and also increase damage by 3% to targets with HP below 35%.

how to build by jhin in toc chien

3. Spirit Walker (Eternal Power)
With gems restored, use Spirit Walker to increase your max HP by 50 and slow by 20%.

4. Pathfinder
Finally, you can equip Jhin with the Pathfinder gem to increase movement speed by 8% while in combat, jungle.

III. Summoner spells for Jhin in Wild Rift

1. Summoner Spell Barrier (Shield)
This summoner spell grants Jhin 115 to 465 shields (depending on level) for 2 seconds. Cast Barrier after your Support casts the Summoner Spell Heal (heal).

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2. Summoner Spell Heal (Heal)
The spell Heal grants 80 – 360 HP (depending on level) and 30% movement speed for Jhin and nearby allies for 1 second.

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3. Flash Spell (Flash)
This summoner spell has an extremely long cooldown, 150 seconds, used while chasing or trying to escape an enemy.

IV. Jhin’s skill in Wild Rift
Basically, Jhin has no specific skill combos at all. Just deal as much damage to the target as possible, before Jhin fires the 4th consecutive shot.

– Passive – Whisper: It was fired at a fixed rate and had less than 4 rounds. Jhin’s final bullet deals critical damage and deals extra damage to finish off the opponent. When Deep Words critically damage Jhin gains movement speed.
– Skill 1- Dancing Grenade: Active throws a holster at an enemy that bounces up to 4 targets. When Dancing Grenade kills the target, the damage is increased.
– Skill 2 – Deadly Drawing: Jhin fires a long-range projectile that deals damage through minions and monsters. Ends when encountering an enemy champion. However, when an enemy champion is first damaged, caught in a trap or affected by an ally… they will be tied when they are hit by Deadly Draw.
– Skill 3 – Artistic Trap: Placing a lotus trap, passing enemies or minions or monsters will activate a slow effect that, when exploded, deals magic damage. When an enemy is defeated by Jhin, an Artistic Trap is activated where the enemy was killed.
– Skill 4 – Stage of Death: Active creates a conical stage that fires 4 bullets with massive damage through minions and jungle monsters. The last bullet will deal massive critical damage.

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V. How to play, Jhin skill combo in Wild Rift

The damage Jhin deals to the target with 3 Captive Audience can be stacked, the player can create traps to detect nearby enemies to slow and damage them.

how to build jhin toc chien

Use skills while reloading to fire 4th consecutive shot.
Above has just shown you how to build and build Jhin in the Wild Rift Alliance. In addition, readers can refer to some of the articles already on to learn how to build generals of Tryndamere Wild Rift.

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