TOP pet Free Fire should be used in Squad Mode

Choose pet in Free Fire very important if you want to win. In this article, let’s list Top pet should be used in Squad mode of Garena Free Fire Please!

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Garena has added a lot of special mechanics for players to customize characters with skills, loadouts, even weapon skins… Among them, pets are often underestimated because many people think they are useless. However, that is not the case. Here are Top pet Free Fire help you quickly win in the most competitive mode – Squad Mode.

  • Pet Free Fire Ottero

    Ottero is one of the best healing pets in Free Fire. Its Double Blubber skill restores EP equal to 50% of the HP you get back after using a gun and healing medkit. As such, the stat recovers quite a bit (150%) with the last 50% being applied over time. With this skill, you will be healed a lot from the healing gun on your teammates.

  • Pet Free Fire Rockie

    Although it is more of a support pet, Rockie’s abilities are so versatile that aggressive gamers also benefit from it. This pet will reduce the cooldown of active skills by 15% at maximum.

    That gives you more value than expected. You can now cast spells more often and Alok’s health heals faster than expected.

  • Pet Free Fire Beaston

    Beaston is one of the newest pets added to Free Fire. It is an army baboon wearing a guerrilla outfit and carrying some ammunition on its shoulders. Beaston’s Helping Hand skill increases grenade throwing range by 30%.

    This may sound inefficient, but in Free Fire’s Squad Mode, grenades are a dangerous weapon. An accurate throw will deal massive damage to multiple enemies, even killing them instantly.

  • Pet Free Fire Dreki

    The newest flying pet in Free fire, Dreki excels in chaotic skirmishes in Squad Mode. If your team injures an enemy. They will run away and can hide to heal. At this point, Dreki’s skill will come in handy. When activated, it will reveal all enemy locations using medkits within a 30m radius in just a few seconds. Thanks to that, you can defeat them easily.

  • Pet Free Fire Falcon

    Falcon is the first flying pet in Free Fire and also the only pet that supports your teammates. If equipped with the Free Fire Falcon pet, the entire team will gain an increase in flight speed and head down – allowing the whole team to land faster than normal.

    Falcons using this skill can use weapons & vehicles first, then ambush those who come later.

  • Here are the Pet Free Fire is useful in Squad Mode. Please share with readers other pets in Free Fire that are worth using in team battle mode that you know!

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