Top 3 Support ADC duos in Wild Rift League

The bot lane ADC duo aka Inner Dragon Wild Rift Alliance, Jinx and Blitzcrank, is always the “nightmare” of every opponent. If you know how to make the most of and combine Jinx and Blitzcrank’s moves, you can easily finish the target.

Unlike top or mid lane, Wild Rift bot lane requires 2 AD carry together to hold. Here are Top 3 most effective bot lane support marksman duo in Wild Rift.

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The strongest support and gunner pair in the Wild Rift Alliance

Top 3 Support ADC duos in Wild Rift League

1. Ashe + Lux – The duo has control effects and high damage

Ashe ADC is an item-dependent champion, capable of nicking targets thanks to her second skill Volley, especially early in the game. When activated and using Volley skill, Ashe becomes a real concern for all opponents. Ashe’s playstyle is quite “in tune” with Lux when playing as a bot lane support in Wild Rift.

Lux Wild Rift is a Mage, able to play well in the mid lane and assist in the game thanks to his ability to poke, reduce the HP of the opponent. In addition, Lux’s 1 Light Binding skill can stun 2 enemy champions at the same time and prevent the target from reaching the Turret.

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When both reached level 5, the duo Ashe – Lux really became an obsession. In which Ashe can use the ultimate ability Enchanted Crystal Arrow (great ice arrow) combined with Lux’s ultimate ability Final Spark (ultimate rainbow) to increase the explosive effect of dealing damage.

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2. Jhin + Janna

Jhin + Janna is the next effective Wild Rift bot lane support duo. Jhin is also a champion that relies heavily on equipment and has the ability to stun targets receiving damage from allies from afar with his 2 Deadly Flourish move.

Jhin’s ability to target targets from a distance combined with Janna’s 1 Howling Gale skill, has the ability to summon tornadoes with a larger area of ​​damage.

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In addition, Janna also supports, helping Jhin to make the most of his ultimate Curtain Call by using the Monsoon skill to summon strong winds, knocking up enemies around and protecting Jhin.

3. Jinx + Blitzcrank

The final Wild Rift bot lane support duo is Jinx + Blitzcrank. The perfect combination of this Wild Rift general duo is really “scary” with every opponent in the game. In which, Blitzcrank’s Rocket Grab 1 can shoot his arm and pull the target towards him. Jinx’s 3 Flame Chompers blocks and stuns enemies trying to escape.

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In case if the target is able to escape with the Flash summoner spell with little HP remaining, Jinx’s ultimate Super Mega Death Rocket can be used to finish off the opponent.

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Above are the Top 3 bot lane support ADC duos in the most effective and strongest League of Wild Rift. In addition, you can also refer to the top of the best support generals in the Wild Rift League here to choose from.

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