How to bathe the cat in Adorable Home

Tắm cho mèo Adorable Home

Tips for quick cat bath in Adorable Home

After the tutorial to pet cats, cut nails for cats, you must be familiar with how to care for cats when playing Adorable Home. After two tasks of clipping and petting cats, the couple will together perform the challenge of bathing their beloved cat in the Adorable Home virtual cat game.

Adorable Home cat bath
Adorable Home cat bath

Basically how to play Adorable Home is not difficult, but it requires players to persevere and have love for the real cat. You will join a game that simulates the life of a couple taking care of a cat. Players outside the mission of raising virtual cats will have to make bento for their partners to receive their loving hearts from them. The below guide to bathing the cat will help you reduce the daily burdens when the cats are getting bigger and bigger, please follow along.

Tilt the phone so the water flows to the green part

Gently tilt your phone to make sure the bath water temperature is up to the cat’s standard so the cat won’t sulk. Once the water has moved to the green part, quickly move the tap to the cat’s position.

Press repeatedly into the green position

That is, we press continuously on the water position in the green, at this time the water temperature will be guaranteed. Now hold the tap fixed 1 position and the cat will walk back and forth on its own. This way is a very unique cat bath tip that not many people know when bathing cats in Adorable Home.

Virtual cat game for couples
Virtual cat game for couples

Two ways to bathe the cat above will definitely be very effective for players who are just starting to play Adorable Home. Hope you will quickly get used to taking care of cute cats in Adorable Home.

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