5 ways to pin the best gun for PUBG / PUBG Mobile players

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There are many ways and tips that can help PUBG Mobile players win by playing this survival game. That is how we skydive, how we choose to use weapons or even how we should pick up items in PUBG Mobile all affect the results of your match.

However, one very important thing that we have forgotten “PUBG Mobile is a shooting role-playing game“, that is, apart from all the above factors, how to shoot, how to shoot accurately, that’s the most important point. If we’re playing PUBG (on PC) we can easily improve it.” This is only with a hard time practice, but with PUBG Mobile it’s much more difficult.

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How to shoot PUBG Mobile like marksman

So how to practice shooting PUBG Mobile? Or how to shoot accurately in PUBG Mobile? The following article will guide you!

Shooting practice in the PUBG Mobile training area
Practice a lot in Training Mode

Method 1: Practice a lot in Training Mode

Training Mode, also known as training camp, is one of the features, training areas that Tencent brings to players in the early days of participating in this shooter. According to the information that the game provides, the mode and way of pinching the mind when playing PUBG Mobile will vary, depending on the means you use to play the game.

If you PUBG Mobile on your phone This fixation depends on the shooting mode and distance. The best distance to effectively pinch the center is less than 50m (may be lower if the terrain changes). With this distance, you can shoot with about 3-4 rounds / time. If the distance is close (less than 10m), there is no crime without “drying” the ice until the opponent collapsed.

And if you are play PUBG Mobile with mouse and keyboardIf you want to pinch your heart in the best way, you have to practice by only practicing, dragging when shooting, Training Mode is the perfect place to practice holding your mind.

Touch sensitivity adjustment
Adjust the touch sensitivity when playing PUBG Mobile

Method 2: Customize the touch sensitivity

There are a lot of PUBG Mobile customizations and settings that we need to keep in mind, but for shooting alone, one of the most important settings that you cannot ignore, is speed adjustment (touch sensitivity ).

Touching and manipulating controls on the phone screen will have differences compared to when playing on PC. With just a very light touch or a non-standard move, you can be brought back to the Hall immediately. Depending on your processing ability and habits, you can adjust the corresponding sensitivity at different levels. This touch sensitivity adjustment also significantly affects the recoil of the gun, because when there is control of the player while firing, the gun will be less jerky.

How to choose a shot while playing PUBG Mobile
Lie down while shooting to get the most accurate trajectory

Method 3: Sit down or lie down when shooting

This is a confirmed test not only from the gamers in this FPS game, but even the soldiers in real life will advise you on this. The reason is that when standing, the higher body weight, will be affected more from the environment, not to mention some guns (especially the AR series) will have different recoil indexes, divided corresponding to each shot that the player will perform.

Specifically “1-0.8-0.6”, which means if you stand, the recoil is 1 (100%), when sitting, the recoil is 0.8 (80%) and when lying down is 0.6 (60%). Or to put it simply, the lower your center of gravity is, the easier it is to hit the shot. In addition to making you shoot more accurately, this also makes it easier to hide, harder to detect.

How to shoot more accurately in PUBG Mobile
Auto – The most flexible shooting mode

Method 4: Use Auto shot mode

Can say “auto” is the most flexible shooting mode for all gamers shooting action. Automatic mode has no firing rule, you can shoot 1 shot, 3-5 rounds or even defrost in one shot. There are exceptions, of course, as not 100% of weapons in PUBG Mobile have this mode available (there are lines that only have Burst and Single modes).

Or with the sniper line, gamers are forced to use another weapon or quit aiming and switch to shoot in normal focus mode (due to less flexibility when aiming at close distances).

Attached ants to help shoot more accurately
The M249 with a viewfinder helps to shoot much more accurately

Method 5: Attach fully accessories to the gun when using

Gun accessories are indispensable items and truly a very important help for PUBG Mobile players. Not only are items that help increase the number of ammo to carry (expanded magazine), but also items that help shoot more accurately, reduce vibration, jerky …

If you are not confident and have not “reached” practice, do not be afraid to use some weapons with many accessories to increase the accuracy while shooting.

In short, not only needing a powerful weapon, good items or level 3 armor, but how and how well you shoot will greatly affect your survival in PUBG Mobile.

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