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Weapons collection in the FPS game Valorant is making a strong impression on gamers. Released by a “big man” like Riot Game, Valorant is guaranteed 90% success and that really happened when just launched Valorant received great attention from the community.

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Here are the weapons that will appear in the game Valorant that gamers need to know to use for their tactics and ready to step into the fierce gun battle.

List of weapons in the game Valorant

Weapons and gun details in the Valorant shooter

Sidearms (Pistols)

Sidearms are the basic and cheapest guns in Valorant with the following models:

  • Classic Sidearm
  • Shorty Sidearm
  • Frenzy Sidearm
  • Ghost Sidearm
  • Sheriff Sidearm

Submachine gun (SMG)

SMG is a high speed gun with light damage. The SMG gun in Valorant is not diverse as well as there are quite a few options:


The shotgun in Valorant has high damage but currently has only 2 guns:

  • Bucky Shotgun
  • Judge Shotgun

Rifles (Rifles)

Rifle is a high damage gun that can kill an opponent with 1 headshot.

Bulldog Rifle

  • Guardian Rifle
  • Phantom Rifle
  • Vandal Rifle

Sniper Rifles (Sniper Rifle)

This is the most expensive gun in the game that anyone should strive to have a gun when participating.

  • Marshal Sniper
  • Operator Sniper

Heavy rifles

Heavy rifles are a highly luminous gun, but the weight is quite large so you will have a hard time carrying the gun while running.

Shooter Valorant FPS game
Shooter Valorant FPS game


This weapon is like a kind of equipment, you use it as a kind of detection drone or mines that self-detonate when an enemy comes near.

Sova Revolver

The Sova Revolver is a weapon with high damage similar to the Desert Eagle in CS: GO, which can take down the target with 1 headshot.

Kingdom Rifle

The Kingdom Rifle is quite expensive and is the most modern gun today with the same power as SMG.

Classic Revolver

The Revolver is the most basic and the same as the regular version of the Sova Revolver.


Knife is a melee weapon, you can run fast with base damage and can finish off opponents with 1 shot.

Above are all weapons in the game Valorant. Hope you can grasp some of the information to make the most of it.

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