How to back up Adorable Home game data

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Backup data when playing Adorable Home game is very necessary, this will help you keep all game data when updating or encounter errors related to losing Adorable Home game account. Therefore, if you have ever hacked Adorable Home or used the Adorable Home tips to get more points, do not forget to Backup the save file to save all data when playing this extremely hot virtual cat game. Below are detailed instructions on how to backup Adorable Home gamer data.

Guide to backup data when playing Adorable Home game

Step 1:

At the main interface, access the file manager application of your Android phone and continue to navigate to the Android directory.

Then look for the file named: com.hyper … ablehomeFile.

Step 2:

The files in the directory File appears, select 5 data files with extensions .txt by pressing and holding and copying.

Step 3:

Return to the file manager application, where create a new folder with the name Adorable Home Save.

Then open the folder you just created Adorable Home Save and paste the copied data above.

Step 4:

When you update the Adorable Home game with errors or unfortunate related problems, just go to this folder and copy the above 5 data files to the game folder under the path: File management -> com.hyper … ablehomeFile -> Paste the data -> Select Paste Alternative Data.

Now you have the Adorable Home game data files stored without worrying about losing data during the game.

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