Rules Of Survival updates a new map and ride shooting feature

Since its launch, Rules Of Survival players have been involved in the battlefield with a map that is too familiar with locations such as Bitter Lake, Wheat Town, Rust Bay and other locations that gamers already know by heart. was somewhat boring.

To give gamers a new feeling, recently, NetEase has introduced an update to add a new map to increase the diversity of the game, with a new map, Rules Of Survival also added. The new feature is that the player can both use transport and can use weapons. has scouted and collected information about the update so that you can grasp the information of this update.

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Upcoming information on Rules Of Survival’s new map update and weapon-driving feature

1. New 8×8 map

This update will give gamers an 8×8 sized map with a completely different design from the old map, with a large size enough for 120 gamers to collect weapons and fight. New items will be divided into 2 separate territories. The biggest difference gamers can immediately notice is that the large river separating these two islands is a large river.

New Map Rules Of Survival

In addition, this new map brings uniqueness when designing swamps, players can loot items when deep underwater. However, this information has not been confirmed by the publisher NetEase, so we still have to wait a bit longer when the official update is released.

2. Shooting mode while driving

Until now you and other players, if you control a vehicle such as a car, motorbike or bicycle, you can only sit still and move while sitting in the car, with more teammates, your teammates will also Just stay on the vehicle and if there is an enemy attack you and your teammates cannot respond if you are on a moving vehicle, which is very inconvenient because if you are attacked by someone else, you have to get off the new vehicle. can use new re-fired weapons. But if you get off the bus after that, one of the enemies has escaped from the hideout, the other is that you will play a new level.

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But recently, NetEase has also revealed that the next updated version of Rules Of Survival (not confirmed yet as an update) will add features that can both control vehicles and use weapons and help people. The player will receive a counterattack while operating a vehicle. In addition you can use weapons on even motorcycles, bicycles.

Those are the information that will be available in the upcoming update, we can see that NetEase is constantly releasing new versions on a regular basis to try to give players the best experience to meet the standards of the game. survival shooter on mobile platforms.

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