Adorable Home: Garden and lovely guests

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In Adorable Home, the garden is a place for you to unleash creativity, decorate as well as attract extremely cute animal guests to visit. Let’s explore this interesting garden with in the following article.


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Garden and lovely guests in Adorable Home

First of all, to own a garden you need to spend 3,000 hearts. You can then decorate your garden with items available or purchased in a store. Profits for the garden will come from “little visitors” who visit. By properly and properly decorated, you will be able to attract a lot of customers and earn a fair amount of hearts.

Who are the customers?

Visitors can appear in the living room or in the garden as the players decorate the garden. For example some animals like Fred dog, Nimo hamster … Different items when placed in the garden will attract different guests.


Various types of animals can appear in the garden

  • 1. Honey
  • 2. Barney (Seal)
  • 3. Ivory (Fox)
  • 4. Brownie (Bear)
  • 5. Jenny (Rabbit)
  • 6. Peter (Hedgehog)
  • 7. Mira (Deer)
  • 8. Lela (?)
  • 9. Flame (Flamingo)
  • 10.Fiona (Swans)
  • 11. Ed (Frog)
  • 12. Coco (Panda)
  • 13. Yuki (Shiba Dog)
  • 14. Rosy (Butterfly)
  • 15. Willy (Bird Toucan)
  • 16. Bobo (Con Kolala)
  • 17. Eddy (Seagulls)
  • 18. Yoyo (Weasel)
  • 19. Emily (Cat-eared cat)
  • 20. Kaka (Crab)
  • 21. Nimo (Hamster Mouse)
  • 22. Hank (Dog)
  • 23. Bobby (The poodle)

Benefits of the guests

The guests are a source of hearts and provide player interaction with a wider variety of animals instead of cats. You can touch the guests to collect hearts when they are satisfied.

How to attract guests?

First, of course we need to buy the garden for 3,000 hearts. After that, enter Shop and select the tab Garden. This is where you can buy items to decorate the garden. Decorating with different items will attract different guests. For example: If you want to attract birds, place a bird’s nest or shelter. To attract frogs or other aquatic animals, add a pond to the garden.

Try decorating with many different items, you will attract surprise visitors!


How to place items in the garden position

All decorative items you buy in the shop are in your inventory. So if you want to use them for decoration, go to the garden -> press the button Home house screen in the lower right of the screen -> Mine -> Garden -> click to select an item that you want to place on the garden and choose an empty place to place them. You can change the layout of the items at any time, so feel free to get creative!

Wish you have fun relaxing moments with Adorable Home!

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