The animals in Adorable Home and how to attract them

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In the Adorable Home tips section we covered the most ways to earn hearts and we talked about attracting visiting animals to give hearts in addition to virtual cats. However, in your garden there will be objects that attract them, you can buy interesting objects to visit the garden at the shop.
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You can simply understand that when we have a lake, a duck will visit, or a bird’s nest will attract sparrows, etc. When they visit the garden touch to receive a heart of gifts from these generous guests. Here is a list of animals in Adorable Home and a tip to place objects that will attract them to visit regularly.

The garden has a zoo visit in Adorable Home
The garden has a zoo visit in Adorable Home

List of Interesting and Interesting Home Attractions in Adorable Home

Name Animal Attractive items
Ed A frog Tables, Coffee Tables
Fiona Swan
Flame Flamingo
Jenny Rabbit
Roxy Foxes
Rosy Butterfly Flower
Fred Schnauzer dog (Old-faced dog) Tents, Coffee Tables, Bookshelves (Tents, coffee tables, bookshelves)
Bo Bo Koala Bear Swings
Hank Soft-haired terriers Peach Tree
Nimo Hamster mouse Coffee Tables, Stump (Coffee table, tree stump)
Albert Golden Retriever Sofas
Dave Red Sparrow
Brooke The Pug Soft Mats
Dolly Squirrel Stump, Pine Tree (Tree Stump, Pine Tree)
Niko Cats
Vivi Butterfly Plants (Plants in the garden or in the living room)
Mira Deer
Joy Duck Pond, TV Stands (Pond, TV shelf)
Judy Foumart
Peter Hedgehog
Emily Short-haired British Cat Cherry Blossom tree, Zen Garden
Gigi Corgi dog Plants, Cabinets, Seesaws (Plants in the Garden or living room, cabinets, seesaw)
Lexi Turtle TV Stands (TV shelf)
Bronco Coon Dog Crated bushes, Elephant Slide, Hanging Chairs (Wild Flowers Bush to Sun Flowers, Elephant Slide, Hanging Chairs)
Gary Parrots
Polly Penguins Air Conditioners
Ivory White Fox Zen Garden
James Monkey Tables
Hudson Sibir Husky Playground, Ice Land (Playground, Ice Land)
Coco Bear cat Picnic Blankets (Picnic Carpet)
Yuki Shiba Inu dog
Brownie Brown bear Zen Garden, Red Seesaw, Tree Hole (Garden of meditation, red seesaw, tree trunk)
Bono Water seal Ice Land
Barney Walrus
Rexy Foxes
Lorre Otter Aquarium (Aquarium)
Robin Sloth Playground
Brandy Dog
Owen Polar bears
Alex Red panda TV Stand
Duke Siamese cats Garden Lamps (Garden Lights)
Willy Bird Toucan Umbrella Stands, Sofas (Umbrella, sofa rack)
Rainbow Bird (Multicolored Sparrow or Rainbow Parrot) Birdhouses, Coffee Tables
Pipin Parrot or Macaw Tree Racks
Blake Crow Scarecrows, Pond (Scarecrows, Pond)
Jade Magpie Japanese Watering, Umbrella Stands (Japanese water dispenser, umbrella holder)
Parker Dog
Nell The Collie Dog
Lela Cranes Japanese Table
Daisy The Squirrel Dog Zen Garden
John Cattle Dog
Honey Bees Tree (indoor and garden plants)
Kaka Crab

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Updated: February 27, 2020

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