How to add Night/Dark mode for Google Chrome, Coc Coc and Firefox

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Adding Night/Dark mode to Google Chrome, Coc Coc and Firefox with just the extensions and add-ons available in the software is definitely a trick that anyone can do to soothe their eyes and avoid the strain of having to look. the screen is too bright.

When using the computer for a long time, users are prone to eye strain and discomfort, which is because the screen intensity is too bright, leading to the eyes not able to adjust in time, worse than the sharp contrast in the computer screen. screen brightness is what causes you to become even more annoyed and stressed.

What is Night/Dark Mode? Why should this mode be?

Regime Night/Dark Mode Also known as dark interface mode, night mode is one of the built-in modes on Windows 10, this mode is useful not only for computers but also on mobile devices, especially phones. , when the user has to be in contact with electronic devices for a long time.

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Night/Dark mode makes computer users’ eyes less tired and more comfortable

Night / Dark mode is also a great choice for people who are nearsighted or do not like too strong light sources from computers while browsing the web. Because this is a feature that is often applied when reading books and has only appeared on computers, not all users know it. In particular, this feature is not built-in in the web browser, making many web users feel very uncomfortable when surfing the web for a long time. Fortunately, the solution for this is very simple, just by installing extensions or add-ons that support Chrome, Firefox.

From the Windows 10 update onward or without the current Windows 10 update, users can completely switch the web interface to black, for example, adding Night/Dark mode for Google Chrome, Coc Coc , Firefox is like setting up, adjust dark theme for Windows 10 so. However, the theme editing feature for Windows 10 only applies to some system-installed applications, browsers such as Firefox, Chrome or Opera will have to apply the way to add Dark Mode by using the add-ons and extensions.

Change the website interface to black on Chrome, Coc Coc and Firefox

I. Add Night/Dark mode for Google Chrome, Coc Coc

Because Coc Coc and Google Chrome have the same Chromium platform, this guide applies to both browsers.

1. Add Night/Dark mode for Google Chrome, Coc Coc: Use extension Morpheon Dark

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Morpheon Dark is an extensiion that allows creating a black theme on Chrome, this tool allows to convert Chrome frames from white to black, for example, tabs, address bar and bookmark bar can all turn black, which is quite pleasing to the eye and users. Users can completely remove this extension from Settings of Chrome or Coc Coc.

– Download Morpheon Dark

2.Use the extension Deluminate

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As the name suggests, extension Deluminate allows to turn all web interfaces darker, create a black interface to reduce the impact on the eyes, if you want to return to the original color, you can also switch back to the same in the extension’s settings. In particular, users can also change the opacity and darkness of the interface with a slider in the settings.

– Download Deluminate

3. Use the Dark Reader extension

new interface on chrome

Utilities Dark Reader is a utility that changes the Chrome interface to black, especially for service pages such as Facebook, YouTube or Google, etc. The Chrome interface can also turn black.

Especially with Dark Reader, you will be able to change the web interface of many sites such as Facebook, YouTube for easy observation and monitoring in complex lighting environments. With Dark Reader, you don’t have to worry about eye fatigue reading newspapers or news anymore.

– Download Dark Reader

II. Add Night/Dark mode for Firefox

1. Using the FT DeepDark add-on

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FT DeepDark is a great tool to change the black interface on Firefox, this tool can add night/dark mode to Firefox quite simply, moreover, you can change the website interface to black, apply to with new tab, or new window.

– Download FT DeepDark

2. Use Dark Background and Light Text add-on

new interface on chrome firefox

If you want to change the black interface for all websites on Firefox, you can use an add-on called Dark Background and Light Text Please. This tool works like with some Chrome extensions that allow you to change and change the black interface on Firefox quickly and permanently, apply to all different websites.

Currently, almost all the best web browsers, including Chrome, Coc Coc, Firefox and Opera, all support the feature of changing the web interface to black to improve vision for web users thanks to the black light. softer and more pleasant than the light from a brightly colored web interface. However, currently only the best web browsers like Chrome, Firefox fully support versatile extensions and add-ons, can add the most comprehensive and synchronous Night/Dark mode.
If you are currently using Chrome and Firefox, you should also try how to change the Google Chrome wallpaper or switch the flat interface on Chrome 52 to refresh the browsing experience, of course changing the website interface to black does not. can be applied at the same time as change Google Chrome wallpaper to refresh your interface.

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