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Create groups in Gmail, create email groups in Gmail will help you create a list of your Gmail friends or partners in groups to easily categorize as well as send emails to specific groups faster and easier. The following article, Taimienphi will guide you to create groups in gmail in the simplest way.

In the previous post, we showed you how to Manage Gmail contacts , managing contacts in Gmail makes it easier to find your friends’ information. In case you often have to send mail to a group of people or some people in your contacts, creating a group or creating a group will greatly facilitate sending and receiving your mail on Gmail.


Instructions on how to create groups in Gmail

Here we will guide you how to create a group in gmail, create an email group in gmail after registering for Gmail to use.

1. Create a group in Gmail, create an email Group in Gmail

Step 1: You proceed to log in to Gmail on a web browser, then continue to log in to Gmail Contacts according to the link address Here.
Step 2: In the window Phonebookyou scroll down and find the item Labelsclick select Create labels.

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Step 3: Tool box Create labels appears, here you enter the name of the group, then press Save.

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2. Label, attach users to groups
Step 1: After creating New labelyou click on the item Phonebook in the function list on the left side of the screen. Mark ticks Click on the contacts you want to add to the group.

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Step 2: Press the button Label Management in the function bar at the top of the screen and select Labels just created.


Step 3: Choose Apply for the system to remember. Now the contacts, email accounts that you marked have been attached together Labelsin a group to manage.

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3. Remove other users from the group

Step 1: In the screen Gmail Contacts friend select Group Name in the menu on the left side of the screen.

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Step 2: Find the contact you want to edit and tap 3 dots icon.

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Step 3: Uncheck Tick to remove the label, type the contact from the group.

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4. Edit a contact’s personal information

To edit contact information, convenient for management, do the following:

Step 1: In the section Phonebook or The group, Stickers you click pen icon next to the contact you want to edit.

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Step 2: In the edit contact section, you are free to change Surname, Name, Title, Company,… then press Save.

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5. Email the group with Gmail
User can choose Email the group Gmail Contacts and Send group emails in Gmail interface.

Method 1: Send Group Emails from Gmail Contacts
Step 1: Select the group to send Email in the menu list on the left side of the screen.
Step 2: Tick ​​the check boxes in front of the contacts, then tap the letter icon in the list of tools.

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Step 3: An editing window appears, now enter the email content and press To send.

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Method 2: Send group emails in Gmail interface
Step 1: In the Gmail interface. you press the button Composer like when writing a new Email.
Step 2: In the section Arrivewhen you enter the name Groups, Stickers The system will automatically display suggestions, you just need to choose.

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Step 3: The contacts in the group will be added to the Arrive. Now just compose and press Send email as usual.

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So managing your contacts becomes a lot easier with the create a Gmail group hey, you can watch and check sent email in gmail for more effective email management
Creating a gmail group also helps you send more than 500 emails per day instead of the previous limit, instead of sending less than 500 emails, the create a group to send more than 500 emails be performed by many people and achieve many different goals in work and study.

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