How to get Shroomlights in Minecraft 1.19

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Among the light sources in Minecraft, Shroomlight is the best light source with 15 brightness and special shape that you can find in the Nether. In this article, Taimienphi will guide you how to earn Shroomlight in Minecraft 1.19

Minecraft is a realistic game with a separate day and night cycle. During the game, light is an important factor for players to explore the darkness and light up the house. In addition, lighting the base is essential because monsters will appear in places where there is no light.

How to use Shroomlight in Minecraft

Instructions for finding Shroomlight in Minecraft 1.19

How to get Shroomlights in Minecraft 1.19

1. Find Shroomlight

Step 1: To find Shroomlights in Minecraft 1.19 you will need to find giant mushrooms in ecosystems like the Crimson forest or the Warped forest below the Nether. Once found, you can see Shroomlight at the top of the mushrooms.

kiem Shroomlight in Minecraft 1.19

Step 2: At this point, you simply need to break this block to get Shroomlight. You can use any tool, but the pickaxe is the fastest.

Unlike Glowstone, Shroomlight is counted as a closed block and allows redstone signals to pass through.

2. Grow giant mushrooms to create Shroomlights

Step 1: Down the Nether

The giant crimson and warped mushrooms only grow in the Crimson Forest and the Warped Forest below the Nether. So down to the Nether is the only way.

Shroomlight in Minecraft 1.19

Step 2: Grow mushrooms on the Nylium block

– You need to collect warped or crimson mushrooms along with nylium blocks in that forest.

– Each type of giant mushroom is grown from the same mushroom if grown on the corresponding nylium soil. For example, warped mushrooms need to be grown on warped nylium blocks. In order for the mushroom to grow, the player needs to use bone meal at a rate of 40% each time.

3. Decorate the base with Shroomlight

After collecting and earning Shroomlights in Minecraft 1.19, you just need to place them in places where light is needed. With a brightness of 15, you won’t need to worry about monsters appearing nearby anymore.

Shroomlight’s textures are also very unique and can be used to build many things.

How to use Shroomlight in Minecraft 1.19

In addition, you can also use giant mushrooms to decorate your home instead of regular plants when this mushroom can grow up to 27 blocks tall.

4. The best light sources in Minecraft

Each light source has its own brightness. For example, torches will usually be brighter than redstone torches. Normally, any block exposed to sunlight will have a brightness of 15.

How to use Shroomlight in Minecraft

Here are the brightness of some common light sources in Minecraft:

– Torch: 14
– Furnace: 13
– Jack O’Lantern: 15
– Fire: 15
– Lava: 15
– Glowstone: 15
– Soul Campfire: 10

Thus, Taimienphi has shown you how to earn Shroomlight in Minecraft 1.19. In addition, readers can also refer to how to earn more diamonds in Minecraft 1.19 to make materials for making necessary tools and equipment.

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