Straightly block the audience “watching the temple”, the female streamer eats bricks with her face down

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Recent years, streamer is a very hot job among young people because not only can they satisfy their passion but also earn money to cover their lives. Streamers’ income mostly comes from views, subs, donations and advertising sponsorships. The more famous, the more money they make, so it is understandable for streamers to call and encourage viewers to subscribe and donate to their channel. However, being so extreme that they are willing to block the audience “watching the temple” like this female streamer’s actions is really hard to accept.


“SavageBabyDoll” is a streamer under the management of esports organization ‘eRa Eternity. It started when she was streaming Fortnite on December 8 suddenly received a question from fans saying, live stream Is yours open to all audiences for free or is it only for the accounts registered above? Twitch. After that, the female streamer seemed extremely annoyed and disdainful at the thought of allowing audiences to participate in her stream for free.

Turning to the technician, she said: “Can you ban all the poor people who can’t pay to subscribe to the channel?” Not long after, many viewers were removed from the channel and a ban was put in place for free viewers.


“I was banned from her livestream for asking ‘Do I have to subscribe to the channel to play the game with you,'” explained the audience nicknamed “gh0stty_”, leading to a wave of online hate. . However, the female streamer said that she is not at all interested in those who specialize in “watching the temple” like that.


After the controversy, the streamer seems to have disappeared from the social network. As of the time of writing, SavageBabyDoll has not only deleted all previous livestream videos on Twitch, but also Twitter and Instagram accounts are also locked. Currently, the female streamer has not returned to livestream and eRa Eternity has not made any comment on this matter.​

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