PUBG – Guide map where to pick up items and find cars for newbies

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A gamer PUBG ShatterNL has a steam nick that has painstakingly researched to build a map that marks all the spawn locations of vehicles and boats in the game. Not only that, this map also gives quite accurate assessments of the spawn rate of equipment as well as the “danger” of each area.
Garages: Garages will likely spawn Dacia or Tricycles.
Vehicle Spawn %: The location is likely to appear all kinds of vehicles.
Boat Spawn %: The place where the boat is likely to appear.
Military Loot: A place with a high probability of appearing level 3 equipment (hat, armor, backpack level 3).
High % Loot (Red): High danger, good equipment
Medium % Loot (Yellow): Mid-range danger, not bad equipment (but a bit red-black).

In general, the most useful point of this map is to help gamers determine the direction more clearly when in a situation of having to find a car while “running around”. Of course, you should also note, that the locations marked above are only “likely” and not “definitely will appear”. Therefore, if “people arrive but do not see the car”, please do not blame.


As for the “High % Loot” areas, it is easy to see that these are large towns or places that usually have good food like Schools or Military Areas. Every time a plane flies over or near these areas, a large number of players choose to land, then together organize a “death party” right after. It can be said that more than half of the kills in a PUBG match will take place in these areas. Therefore, for newcomers who are not confident in their own skills, the writer would sincerely advise that you ignore the above areas until you are more familiar with the game.


Instead, “Medium % Loot” will be more optimal choices for new players to the game. Here, there is usually not a shortage of players choosing to land, but certainly less than in the “High % Loot” area. Thus, new players can both practice their fighting skills and not fall into a state of panic when people are everywhere. Of course, if you choose the style “Ninja picks up”, please just ignore the above areas.

Rozhok is also considered one of the dangerous “Medium % Loot” zones

In addition, at the end of this month, PUBG will update the town of Kameshki on the northeast coast of the map. According to the statistics from the test version, it seems that this place will also become a “High % Loot” area as assessed by ShatterNL.

Kameshki promises to be another ideal location for intense gunfights

Hopefully, the map above will help newcomers to PUBG have a better overview of the game, from which to make the correct “landing” decisions and get themselves the first “chicken meal”. first.

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