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The Facebook of the current favorite Hotboys are all compiled by in the HotBoy Facebook list below, readers can easily search and update their favorite HotBoy’s Fanpage or Facebook. We invite you to consult.

You are looking for Facebook of your favorite hotboy to follow, update the status of that hotboy or just to look at pictures, so let’s see the list Facebook Hotboy summarized below by

And if you love hotgirl, you want to update that person’s situation, so why not follow via facebook hotgirl.

facebook list of hotboys

Hotboy Facebook List

HotBoys’ Facebook List

1. Facebook Tran Thanh (comedian, MC):
2. Facebook Truong Giang (comedian, MC):
3. Facebook Son Tung MTV (singer):
4. Facebook Dai Nghia (MC):
5. Facebook Xuan Bac (comedian, MC):
6. Facebook JustaTee (singer):
7. Facebook Mac Van Khoa (Comedian):
8. Facebook Do Xuan Nghi (actor, nicknamed Mr Can Tro):
9. Facebook Bui Tien Dung (U23 player):
10. Facebook Luu Xuan Truong (U23 player):
11. Facebook Quang Hai (U23 player):
12. Facebook Trung Ruoi (comedian):
13. Facebook Nguyen Tran Trung Quan (singer):
14. Facebook Chau Khai Phong (singer):
15. Facebook Dat G (singer):
16. Facebook Andiez (singer):
17. Facebook Will (singer):
18. Facebook Trinh Thang Binh (singer):
19. Facebook OnLyC (singer):
20. Facebook Nguyen Tran Trung Quan (singer):
21. Chau Khai Phong Facebook (singer):
22. Facebook Dat G (singer):
23. Facebook Andiez (singer):
24. Facebook Will (singer):
25. Facebook Trinh Thang Binh (singer):

The Facebook list of famous and popular Hotboys today are updated here. You can consult and find out the personal Facebook of the famous HotBoy that you love.

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