Hot in front of the “beautiful spotless” marshal in the search for ambassador Tru Tien 3D

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The land of Tru Tien has a lot of “pink balls”, but it is undeniable that the men still make up the majority of them. So it will not be difficult to understand when Tru Tien 3D is reclusive with so many “marshals”. And now, thanks to the event “Finding Ambassador Tru Tien 3D” that they have the opportunity to appear at the top of the lot. Not only are the “gameworms” good at PK, but in real life they are also extremely handsome, personality and talented guys.

“Finding Ambassador Tru Tien 3D” from June 20 to June 27. Participating in the contest, players will send BTC pictures with the same style as their characters in the game for the opportunity to become the face of the image for Tru Tien 3D as well as to own the pictures. self-portrait when transforming into a character in the game.


Immediately after launching, the contest quickly received enthusiastic response and participation from the majority of members in the Tru Tien 3D community. It seems that the number of female candidates will be somewhat “overwhelming” than the “men”. But the arrival of the “beautiful spotless” hot boy band has made many people really upset.

Let’s admire the close-up beauty of male gamers in this 1-0-2 beauty race!

Let’s wait and see which personality and impressive faces will become the representative images for Tru Tien 3D and have the opportunity to win attractive gifts!

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