Anime Super Dragon Ball Heroes releases a hot new trailer

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Usually in the past, there were many good games inspired by famous anime and manga. Now Yonkou Productions brought a new surprise by doing the opposite, adapting the hit fighting game Super Dragon Ball Heroes into a new anime and will soon be released to fans in the near future. Recently, the producer has released the first extremely dramatic and attractive trailer of this anime to introduce to the audience.


Those who have experienced it Super Dragon Ball Heroeseveryone knows this is a game that uses many characters from the animated series Dragon Ball as well as many other newly appeared characters such as: Xeno Goku SSJ4, Vegata, GoHan, Trunks, Future Mai… good Fu-1 – New character with long range attack and master sword skills.

Official poster of the movie

In the anime”The Prison Planet Saga“, revolves around the story of Fu, who uses Dragon Balls to summon an evil Saiyan, and he sets out to imprison all of Earth’s greatest warriors and chain the planets together. Anime part Super Dragon Ball Heroes will be mainly inspired by the story”Prison Planet” and has nothing to do with the previous Dragon Ball movies. According to the information, the main purpose of this anime launch is to parallel promote the game of the same name. Therefore, the anime will only have time. Short airtime and unspecified number of episodes.


Game title Super Dragon Ball Heroes was inspired by the stories of the Saiyans in Dragon Ball, the enemies in the original also appear in turn in this game. Players can choose characters to transform into from Saiyan to Namekeji, Alien… to join with other characters to search for lost Dragon Balls in the universe. The first episode of the anime Super Dragon Ball Heroes will officially air on July 1st this summer.

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