Mabinogi Mobile released a new trailer with a release date this year

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If you do not know, Mabinogi Mobile is an MmorPG game produced by the leading name of the Korean game market Nexon, the game was launched in 2004 with the PC version, and when the mobile version was announced, The game has received a lot of attention from players around the world. The game not only owns a new gameplay, beautiful graphics, the character image is built in the style of Japanese anime. It can be said that the best that Nexon’s games have ever had are for Mobinogi, a favor for this new child.


Since its introduction at the last G-Star 2017 event, the game has recently returned with a new trailer announced by the developers. This trailer is only 27 seconds long, but you can see how the characters move and chat with other players. The first thing that receives the most attention must be the chat frames displayed on each character, thereby helping the character to interact well with the people around.

Through the trailer, it can also be seen that the game supports automatic movement and manual movement for players, which is not uncommon in role-playing games, besides the task performance, which also supports the automatic movement. done, all you have to do is hide on the puzzle you want to go to.


During the launch last July, Nexon introduced to players many images, graphics and some features and received the satisfaction of many gamers, it is known that this year the game will come to the world. player’s hand and hope to be as successful as the pc version did. However, the international market is still a mystery, but surely, players around the world will soon enjoy this latest game.​

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