Hitman unexpectedly free huge game screen on Christmas occasion

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Hitman The latest version really brought the line secret action game The cult returns to glory every day. The famous disguises, the silent assassinations, the raid missions between rows of enemies.. are now reproduced successfully with Hitman 2016. But indeed, with the license key price of up to millions of dong.. it is extremely difficult for an ordinary gamer without a stable job to experience the game.


But now the opportunity for you to enjoy the first “taste” of Hitman has come when this masterpiece has officially been free of a series of terrible content on the system. Steam. Accordingly, gamers can download and play for free the “opening part” and the first main mission called The Showstopper without spending a dime. At the same time, players can also perform all Escalation Contracts in the city of Paris. For those of you who don’t know, Escalation Contracts are new contracts added to the original game screen, allowing gamers to assassinate targets with higher difficulty. The Christmas version of the mission The Showstopper is also completely free, ready for gamers to disguise themselves as Santa to see off enemies to the afterlife.


All you need to do is own a Steam account and access the game download address below. If you already have Steam on your PC, you can also go to the “Store” section and search for Himan directly there. Then you just need to click on the “Play Game” box to start the download process.

Download Hitman free of charge:


If you haven’t used Steam before, you can sign up for free and download Steam to your PC via the two addresses below.​

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