Hitman 3: All locations provide bananas for gamers in the game

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Hitman 3 is a new action RPG game launched at the beginning of the new year 2021 of IO Interactive. The game takes players into the role of a world-class professional assassin – Agent 47 in the process of completing missions to assassinate different targets. In missions like this, every assassin equips himself with guns, bullets, explosives, poisons, … but not only that, our skinhead Agent 47 is also capable of using it. smoothies, sandwiches, food and drinks are extremely diverse as weapons. Particularly among them are: Banana.


Yes, it’s bananas guys. This delicious yellow thing can be used to throw at people as a pastime or hit in the head to knock out opponents as a weapon. You can even throw it on the ground to trap someone to fall face down.

As a useful treasure, bananas are quite rare in Hitman 3, but not impossible to find. Here, we will summarize the locations in the levels where you can find a banana for yourself. Hitman 3 has a fairly large context, so we may not have found them all, if you know of any other locations, please comment to let everyone know.

On Top of The World (Dubai)

[​IMG]In this opening level, you will find a banana in the meeting room in the basement.

There is another banana in the security room on the stairs in Carl Ingram’s private area in the tower. In a room with a security guard (even though he’s asleep) will make it a bit difficult for you to “steal” bananas.

[​IMG]The third banana in this level is located in the larger security room on the second floor.

Death In the Family (Dartmoor)

In a “family” setting, many people would think that the banana we were looking for would automatically be under the kitchen, but no, it’s in a locked cabinet in the staff restroom. Unlock and get your rewards.

Apex Predator (Berlin)

In this level there is a juice bar and our “treasure” is hiding among its kind. Look for the entrance to the counter right around.

Or at the basement bar – located under the stairs of the main dance floor – you’ll find a sharp kitchen knife and a banana. And you know what you should choose.

End of an Era (Chongqing)

Seriously, for some reason the security guards in this game seem to be quite fond of bananas. Just go to the guard rooms, there are definitely bananas there. The ICA level 1 security office is a bit difficult to get in, but you can use the vent in the next room to break in.

In the rest area on the same floor as the ICA, you can also find another banana.

The Farewell (Mendoza)

There are also bananas in Mendoza’s home cinema room. You can access this place from the vineyard entrance.

There is also a winery in the winery and right on the table, quite easy to see.

When you first enter this level, you will pass through a parking area full of luxury cars. Head to the office at the back of the parking lot and you’ll find what you’re looking for.

Untouchable (Carpathian Mountains): Currently in this screen, we have not seen any bananas.

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