No need for a beautiful “bo”, the construction in State of Survival is still perfectly effective

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Among the main tasks that players need to perform in State of Survival, “construction” is also one of the topics that gamers of “survival war” are very interested in. Not only is the face of the “owner” when players want to show off their construction achievements, the buildings in State of Survival all have different uses and always work perfectly despite being placed in the right location. whatever or how decorated.


The buildings in State of Survival are extremely diverse, up to more than 20 different types. Of course, each of these “houses” has a different use, when players understand the uses and how to use them effectively will bring significant benefits:

First priority: Headquarters, Generals Area.

If the General Department helps you unlock levels to upgrade other buildings, the General Area is no less important when the General is the “heart” in battles, the soul of the whole army.

Priority level 2: Research laboratories.

This work helps players get certain benefits in terms of technology, very widely and usefully applied, such as increasing troop stats or increasing marching speed … If not “interested” With the fight, the player can completely develop technology in the economic field.


Priority level 3: Barracks, Ranged Troops, Garage.

Without armed forces, it will be difficult for players to maintain a base in a dangerous context that is always lurking like in State of Survival. Therefore, these soldier training projects need a lot of priority.


Priority level 4: Gathering point, Command post.

After having a “monumental” force, the player needs to use his army force optimally to get the highest efficiency. Command stations help increase the capacity (number of troops) that you carry each time you march, need to take care of upgrading whenever possible.

Priority Level 5: Training Camp, Hospital, Warehouse, Barrier, Observation Deck.

These are all auxiliary works that bring many benefits to the player, especially after the player has developed stably: The training camp allows the player to train more soldiers at the same time. , Hospitals help heal wounded soldiers, Warehouses to store more resources, Barricades protect the base from zombie attack and Observations will help players detect attack intentions of the enemy. other players.

Non-priority: Farm, Smelting Furnace, Wood Workshop, Gas Tank, Trading Point.

In general, upgrading these buildings also brings a bit of benefit, but it is clear that in a survival world where you have a lot of things to prioritize, it is completely possible to put aside buildings that are not so important. important.


Cannot be upgraded: Intelligence Station, Workshop, Shelter, Recruitment Office.

These buildings have default levels, which cannot be upgraded. As such, you can focus on accumulating resources to upgrade other buildings.

In particular, the Headquarters building in State of Survival also has a lot of options for different skins, bringing countless benefits to players. Not only are they highly aesthetic (the player’s base will be displayed on the world map by the Headquarters building), these skins also really strengthen the player in many different ways, for example. For example: Increase the stats for soldiers or increase the production of resource extraction…

There are many different skins for the Headquarters in State of Survival that players can collect and use

Above is all the knowledge you need to know about the works in State of Survival. Don’t wait any longer and start building your own base today!​

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