Chaos The Three Kingdoms “sublimated” Alpha Test, preparing to officially launch soon?

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At 10:00 am on January 28, 2021, NPH Gamota officially “launched” the Alpha Test version of the game dubbed “the classic Three Kingdoms strategy masterpiece”, welcoming a large number of players to experience. . Right from the opening, even though the congestion caused by too many gamers rushing in, led to some slight lag problems, but very quickly, BQT Chaos The Three Kingdoms soon fixed and stabilized the server, bringing a smooth experience. to the player.

Chaos The Three Kingdoms is a rare game that now offers the mechanism of “on duty to VIP level”

Appreciated in the graphics part, Chaos The Three Kingdoms possesses the strongest generals that are closest to the imagination of the hardcore fans of the Three Kingdoms Dien Nghia. Strong, mature, and not Chibi “childish”, the game is integrated with a series of beautiful effects, depicting the style of each champion that makes players unable to take their eyes off the screen for a moment. Take a walk around The Three Kingdoms Chaos Communityit is not difficult to come across “beautiful spotless” ingame pictures that have received countless “rain of compliments” from gamers.

The game is equipped with “adult standard” graphics, depicting the bravery of each general

After that, Chaos The Three Kingdoms received a lot of good “feedback” about the Corps system. In addition to fighting, overcoming many difficult challenges that the game offers, players are also connected with many other Princesses, together planning to ravage and compete for large territories. This is considered the hottest focus in the past few days, even though it is only the Alpha Test phase, Chaos The Three Kingdoms has witnessed many extremely fierce battles.

The Legion System offers player-to-player interaction

With positive signals from the Alpha Test phase, many unconfirmed sources show that Chaos of the Three Kingdoms is likely to be officially launched in the near future. All details of the game, players can follow at:

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