Hearthstone introduces 3 Druid cards combined with Treant deck for The Boomsday Project

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Anyone who’s been through the Midrange Druid combo can confirm: being hit by trees repeatedly has been a “happiness” experience. With Hearthstone coming to The Boomsday Project expansion on August 7, we’ll be able to relive those moments thanks to new Druid cards, which have the ability to combine with Treant.

Druid has long had many ways to summon Treant, thanks to spells like Force of Nature and Soul of the Forest in the Classic set. In addition, recent sets also help Treant appear more thanks to the Poison Seeds, Living Mana and Witchwood Apple. The Blizzard team also recently introduced three more cards from The Boomsday Project to make Treant decks a reality. With the Token Druid archetype being considered Tier 1, and already using Soul of the Forest, the new Treant cards will certainly have a place in the future.

Last week, Hearthstone game designer Peter Whalen and game balance expert Dean “Iksar” Ayala discussed the power of the new treants and the ideas behind them (Flobidinous Flopp is experimenting with experiments). giant tree in Dr. Boom’s lab). Whalen said there is at least one Druid that has yet to be revealed. This card will “play a part in the Treant set for a bit,” but overall, the three cards we know today will be the mainstay of the new Treant Druid set.

Dendrologist - Emergenceingame


This card looks like one of the reasons why Treant decks are so popular. We all know Hydrologist and Dark Peddler are low mana minions with effects Discover. But Dendrologist will require you to have an extra Treant on the table to activate this Discover effect. However, with 2-mana and stat 2/3, this card is not too bad (equivalent to River Croc), and has a lot of potential if this card can be taken advantage of Discover.

More interestingly, Whalen says the reason Dendrologist has Discover is to make Treant decks less boring. “When we first tried creating a Druid deck, one of the things you used to see was a lot of 2/2 minions that didn’t stand out – it was pretty boring. We need more ways to add ‘salt’ to the deck and have more to keep you interested in them. One of the best things about Hearthstone is the ability to use spells… the Druid spells work very well on the table and don’t rely too much on set situations.”

The best point of this card lies in its flexibility. Are you having difficulty before deck aggro? Find yourself Branching Paths or Healing Touch. Playing cards with deck control? Choose Ultimate Infestation or Nourish. Druid has many useful spells. Or Naturalize or Tree of Life (in the wild) will create interesting moments against the opponent. Discovery’s versatility is what powers the Dendrologist card.

Landscaping - Emergenceingame


Perhaps not one of Treant’s most prominent cards, but Landscaping is the foundation of the other card combinations that will appear on the table. One should keep in mind that, prior to The Boomsday Project, the Druid didn’t have any Druid cards that instantly made 4/4 on the table. Not to mention, this is a spell for you to combine with Oaken Summons to summon Ironwood Golems or Violet Teacher, helping to control the early game table.

“Landscaping is really one of the key cards in the Treant deck,” confirmed Ayala. Whalem points out that getting Landscaping from Dendrologist will increase the interactivity in the deck. The value of Landscaping is so high that it can be used in Aggro decks, without the need to combine Treant decks.

Landscaping’s effectiveness shows that the cost of 5 mana to summon three Treants with Force of Nature is too expensive, but Ayala thinks “there are many decks that want to make the most of the ability to call Treants.” He cited Cinderstorm in terms of value less than Arcane Missles, but both of these cards are used in the aggro Mage deck. The point to keep in mind when creating a deck is that you have to make sure there are many ways to achieve your goal, even if you have to use less effective cards yourself.

Mulchmuncher - Emergenceingame


Finally we have the 10 mana Mech card. Mulchmuncher is a “giant robot”, taking advantage of the Treants on the table to appear. This 8/8 stat makes Mulchmuncher similar to the Giant version of the Druid, the only difference being that its cost decreases with the amount of Treant killed in the match. Thanks to the Living Mana and Soul of the Froest cards, the Druid can certainly make Mulchmuncher cards for free in many games. “The cost reduction effect is both dangerous and exciting,” says Ayala. Not to mention, Mulchmuncher’s Rush effect will unleash the clearing potential of this card, as well as deal with immediate danger.

“In terms of gameplay, Rush is what we really like,” says Ayala, who said Rush minions can turn the tide of the game, like spells, and allow players to use cards that are powerful but have limited abilities. OTK combo feature. From there, we’ll probably see more Rush cards coming from The Boomsday Project. However, Whalen has confirmed that Echo and Odd/Even are still exclusive to The Witchwood, just as Adapt is only present in the Journey To Un’Goro set.

Mulchmuncher’s cost reduction allows it to appear early, but not so early that no deck can counter it. Maybe someone, will create combos with Ixlid and Faceless Manipulator to create a bunch of Mulchmunchers in one go. But can they be combined with Treant cards or not, since Treant decks often end the game with Savage Roar in the mid-game. Maybe the Treant deck will be applied to the mid-range, and Mulchmuncher and possibly Cenarius will be the thing to end the game in the late game.

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By the way, why isn’t Omega Defender a Mech?

636674479516409082 - Emergenceingame

Also new to The Boomsday Project are the Omega cards. They will gain new effects when you reach 10-mana. But why is Omega Defender not a Mech, while its picture is very robot. “The Omega Defender obviously needs a pilot inside, that’s why it’s not a Mech,” said one Hearthstone member. However, when pointing out its similarities with the Piloted Shredder, he said, “It’s one of the things we’re looking at. The team is listening to the community’s feedback on this card and we’ll see what we can do with it.”

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