Hearthstone 12.0 update will change the structure of the game

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Dr. Boom is about to create a storm at Netherstorm. Update 12.0 will also bring some changes to Hearthstone’s gameplay. These include changes to the Type of the minion, changes to the way cards are copied, and transforms.

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Change the display of types (Type) of minions

There was a lot of feedback about the Type change of the last minion, and after reviewing it, the team realized that a few more minions needed to be changed. Here is Blizzard’s decision:

Ghostly Charger


By default, the team decided that any spectral/undead/ghost/spirit animals would not be considered Beasts in Hearthstone. There are many cards in this group, and the vast majority of them are not considered Beast, not to mention changing them will affect the game balance quite a lot.

Ghostly Charger is one of these cards. Apparently, it has the word “ghost” in both the name and the drawing, so the Beast type doesn’t fit at all. As a result, Blizzard plans to remove the Beast tag.

In the rarer case, spectral/undead/ghost/spirit of Dragon, Murloc, Pirate, and Elemental, they remain the same Type. There are not too many cards of this type, and they are being used very consistently with their type. Good examples are Ghost Light Angler, Cursed Castaway, Bone Drake.

Ixlid, Fungal Lord


World of Warcraft defines Elemental quite loosely compared to Hearthstone. In Hearthstone, Elemental means something that is brought to life by an elemental soul’s possession, which, if not possessed, will not live. We can easily see this: Fire Elemental is clearly a living being created from fire; The Water Elemental looks like a creature created from water.

One of the differences here lies in the plant creatures. There are many minions in Hearthstone related to trees. The team has decided not to count trees as Elemental in Hearthstone. Examples include The Voraxx, Fen Creeper, Biteweed, Vilespine Slayer, Rotten Applebaum.

Ixlid, the Fungal Lord, is by this definition a tree creature. While the Blizzard team always wants to ensure stability, there are many criteria to consider when changing Type. One of them is whether the current Type of the card interacts with other cards. Ixlid’s Elemental tag doesn’t have much of an impact in current decks, so it will be removed in a future update.

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The team also considered changing the following minions but ultimately did not. You can read through to understand more:

Kindly Grandmother

Kindly Grandmother/Big Bad Wolf looks similar to Worgen (but is not considered a Beast), but is actually a hybrid Beast. Beast tag here plays an important role in gameplay, and affects the usefulness of this card. Therefore, the team will not change the Type of Kindly Grandmother/Big Bad Wolf. In the future, Blizzard will take care to make the drawings clearer when depicting Worgen or similar species.

Arcane Giant & Arcane Golem

In addition to the Elemental creatures and trees, we have another group that gives life from magic. They are War Golems, Arcane Giants and Avian Watchers – neither of which are Elemental.

The Arcant Giant, Arcane Golem, and The Curator are good examples of a group of creatures called the Arcane Golem. These machines use magic as a source of energy, with The Curator being the Mech Type, part of the character in One Night in Karazhan Adventure. The Curator is a bit different from War Golem – War Golems are carved out of stone and then created using magic. While “golem” clearly means something created by magic and therefore does not count as a Mech or an Elemental, the drawings in the Arcane Giant and Arcane Golem are not clearly visible. Since the type of these creatures is still quite vague, the team will not change them but want to hear more feedback from players.


Bogshaper seems to be of the same type as Ixlid or Fen Creeper, so it makes sense to remove the Elemental tag. However, as mentioned above, the Hearthstone team doesn’t just look at the drawing of a card to decide whether to change its Type or not. Obviously Bogshaper’s drawing is correct, but it is currently being used a lot in the meta, and appears in many decks, including in the deck of the 2018 summer champion (Summer Champion), Bunnyhoppor .

For now, the team hasn’t changed the Bogshaper’s Type, but wanted to know what the community would think if Blizzard decided to change it. The dev team is also considering a change when this card rotates to Wild.

Change the working structure of Copy a card


Card copy currently holds bonus stats only when both the original and the copied card are being used on the card – take Molten Reflection as an example. In patch 12.0, this rule will be changed so that the bonus stats remain the same when the card changes Zone.

Zones in Hearthstone are defined as areas of the cards: in your deck (Deck), in your hand (Hand), on the table (Play), and in the Graveyard (Graveyard). In Hearthstone, the circuit moves through each zone quite coherently. When the card moves in this coherent direction (Deck -> Hand, Hand -> Play, Deck -> Play), it keeps the bonus stats. If the card goes against the above circuit (Play -> Hand, Hand-> Deck, Play -> Deck, Play/Hand/Deck -> Graveyard and Graveyard -> Play/Hand/Deck), it loses its bonus stats. more.

With this update, copies will keep the bonus stats in the following cases:

  • Revive cards will not retain any bonus stats, unless it is stated to retain stat on that card.
  • If you copy a card from one deck to another, the copied cards retain the bonus stats (eg Archbishop Benedictus).
  • If you copy a card from one hand to the other, the copied cards retain the bonus stats (e.g. Mind Vision).
  • If you copy a card from play to play, the copied cards retain their bonus stats (eg Molten Reflection).
  • If you copy a card from this deck to play, the copied cards still retain the bonus stats (eg Mindgames).
  • If you copy a card from the hand to play, the copied cards retain the bonus stats (e.g. Kobold Illusionist).

Change the operation structure of Transform

When Transform, a Hearthstone card usually loses all of its bonus stats. The vast majority of cards today adhere to this. However, there are four cards that will change to comply with this rule.


Shifter Zeus, Molten Blade, and Shifting Scroll all Transform on your hand at the beginning of each turn. As of 12.0, they will no longer hold any bonus stats every time Transofrm. This includes the hand buff and mana-cost reduction effect from Emperor Thaurissan.


The influence of the Voodoo Doll is slightly different in this version. If the transform minion has been cursed by the Voodoo Doll, the curse will be broken, and the transformed minion (previously cursed) will not be killed if the Voodoo Doll dies. The cursed silence minion also breaks the curse, and the same applies when silencing the Voodoo Doll.

Shadowboxer Update


Since the Lifesteal keyword was created, Shadowboxer is a high-risk card as it can activate itself and deal up to 30 damage for a turn if it has Lifesteal. As a result, the team changed it like this: When a minion heals, deals damage to a random enemy.

When the change in Shadowboxer went live with Update 12.0, players could disenchant it to receive the full Arcane Dust within two weeks.

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The above are the changes that will begin to be updated from Update 12.0, with the goal of ensuring stability in Hearthstone.

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